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  1. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hi Guys, I am new here... I would give a detailed introduction but let me keep it short by saying I'm 100% a JL Audio fan! Anyways, to the help needed. My amp keeps cutting out and alternating channels at certain volumes. If I keep the volume low enough all speakers play but if I play it...
  2. Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: 1) JL HD600/4 2) JL HD900/5 3) JL HD Stack Kit 4) JL XD1000/5v2 5) JL XD600/1v1 Condition of all items: 1) BNIB 2) Used (no box) 3) BNIB 4) Used (faceplate screws replaced with Phillips, no box) 5) Used (missing faceplate screws) Total Price: : 1) $550 2) $500 3)...
  3. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am back for my second install. This forum has been invaluable for me in the past and as a novice, I was able to create a system for my expedition that basically made all other cars I've been in sound err... blah, including my 335i convertible. Now I am ready to take the plunge...
1-3 of 3 Results