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  1. New Headunit, Audio Tearing + No Rear Sound

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hello everyone first post here, I was replacing the headunit in my Jaguar 2003 X-type no nav and purchased a sony unit. I had power problems with that unit because it had some crazy built in amp(hi-power) so I decided to go with a JVC KW-R940BTS. I wired everything correctly and tried it out and...
  2. Subwoofer Gremlin

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    At a compete loss here on an odd electrical problem that I was going to pose to the DIY Mobile Audio community for any leads on a solution. VEHICLE: - 2017 Toyota Tacoma v6 without JBL COMPONENTS AT PLAY: - Hella Supertone horn wired directly to battery with fuse block and relay. Relay is...
  3. HELP! tried 2 head units and not working?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I recently upgraded my stereo for my seat ibiza, from the standard alba, to a Pioneer MVH-180Ui. I fitted it all fine and it was working perfectly until my friend rather annoyingly cranked it up to max volume when listening to some Jamie XX. Seconds after the stereo simply blacked out, and i...
  4. GMRC-01 Wiring Harness Issues

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I am installing a new head unit in my 2002 pontiac grand am, it has the monsoon sound system so it hasn't been exactly the easiest install. I have bought and wired up my Metra GMRC-01 wiring harness with my aftermarket head unit wiring harness. I used crimp connectors on all my wires to ensure a...
  5. I think my head unit just died.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    My HU is a JVC KW-NT3HDT. Last night I listened to the radio while waiting to exchange keys with my wife. She called me on the way home because the radio wouldn't cut on. This morning I check the car's fuse for the radio and got 12.x volts on both sides. I also checked the fuse on the back...
  6. JVC AV71BT question

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello guys , I'm about to buy a JVC dvd AV71BT , but i saw it doesnt read MP4 files of video, Somebody here know which exactly format the quality is better? And if you know a Software to convert this from MP4 it would help me alot Thanks very much, And apologizes for my english, i'm...
  7. Pioneer, Alpine.... Best sound quality head units?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hi, I'm looking for a new head unit. Im looking for a single din. I am looking for the best sound quality units. I see that pioneer has the DEQ-P99 for $1200. McIntosh units have jacked up in price since they are not making these units anymore so I'm mot interested in that unit. Is seams the...
  8. MY Video Reviews.. Let me know what you wanna see

    Member Reviews & Product Comparisons
    I will be posting Video Reviews On different, Car Audio Electronics. I will be taking request as to what you wanna see reviewed.
  9. JVC av70bt Microphone problem

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I bought my car with this head unit already installed, never installed a head unit in a car before. The guy did a good job, but the BT mic audio quality is AWFUL. People can't understand me even if I'm practically yelling directly into the mic from 3-5 inches away. The mic is placed in the...
  10. Compatibility/Sound quality JVC KWR500 w/Infinity speakers?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Could someone please help me with a question. I purchased a JVC KWR 500 hu, a pair of Infinity Reference 6032cf 6.5, and a pair of Infinity Reference 9633cf 6 x 9 from Amazon for $222, and will recieve them on 11/26/12. My ? is, will these speakers work well off the hu without an amp, and does...
  11. Converting HDMI to AV

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi guys. My new adventure is to install a JVC KW-AV70BT in the old explorer. That headunit has av inputs, (red, white, yellow) cables. This cable: JVC KS-U30 USB Video Cable for iPod and iPhone: Car Electronics seems to transmit the Ipod video to the headunit, as well as sound...
  12. Hatch back car set up

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I purchased the JVC KW-NT800HDT unit. Unit will replace OEM radio in a Toyota Celica GT-S, 2002. I am hoping to pair it up with some Diamond Audio H600s 6″ in the front and Mclass Coaxial 15-MC62 i the rear + a subwoofer and amplifer. When i went to purchase the H600s speakers, was told...
  13. Best HU for quality Bluetooth handsfree?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey Everyone It's been a long time since I've researched my car audio so I'm out of the loop with current standards and technology. I'm looking to upgrade the wife's factory radio in her '08 Nissan Dualis. Originally, she wanted a Parrot bluetooth handsfree unit, but after some initial...
  14. Advice needed for ICE setup with JVC AVX HU/Infinity speakers/Alpine amp/Sub

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi guys, I am a newbie here. Would like to get some help from the experts in this forum :) I am planning to do the following setup in my car: 1) HU - JVC AVX 830/840 2) Front - Infinity Kappa 6.5" comps 3) Rear - Infinity Kappa 6x9 4) Mono Amp - Alpine MRP 500 (bought already) 5) 4 channel...
  15. JVC headunit wiring harness diagram

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I have an older JVC KD-SX780 that has been sitting in the garage for a while and I lost the wiring harness. I was wondering if any DIYMA members knew which pins correspond to which wire on the harness so I could just push some speaker wire into the pins. I've done it before with an older Coustic...
  16. Question about JVC KD-AVX40 optical output

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hi all! I'm looking forward this unit since it has an optical output... Anyone tried it? I want to use it with one Audison Bit One but I'm not 100% sure if the JVC can work all the time with the optical output or at least when you're reproducing one CD anyone? Thanks!
  17. JVC DVD HU with optical

    Car Audio Classifieds
    I've got a JVC KD-DV5100 here, no remote, but it has optical out that works with the alpine H700. CHEAP opticality $100 + ship