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  1. Klippel Reviews & Driver Specs
    Hello group. I have been speaking with ErinH about testing some -Xcelsus Xcelsia Series Competition- drivers. He is a busy guy, so I want to get some input on which drivers should be given some Erin's Audio Corner love. The two drivers with the highest vote counts will get put thru their paces.
  2. Klippel Reviews & Driver Specs
    Thanks to the nice Klippel work from bikinpunk and Vance Dickason of Voice Coil Magazine I've been able to compare the Vifa NE180W-04 driver to the way more expensive Scanspeak 18WU4741T00. At first glance the Vifa seems to be an outstanding value and possible equal to the Scanspeak. at first...
1-2 of 2 Results