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  1. I think my head unit just died.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    My HU is a JVC KW-NT3HDT. Last night I listened to the radio while waiting to exchange keys with my wife. She called me on the way home because the radio wouldn't cut on. This morning I check the car's fuse for the radio and got 12.x volts on both sides. I also checked the fuse on the back...
  2. DVD Head Unit with Active Crossovers? (SQ?) Kenwood DNX9960 vs. JVC KW-NT3HDT

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Kenwood DNX9960 eXcelon vs. JVC KW-NT3HDT Do either of these have active crossovers? The kenwood has High Pass & Low Pass Filters, but would that work on an 4-channel amp without a crossovers? The JVC has 2volt pre-outs and the Kenwood has 5volt, that should be a deciding factor. I know...