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  1. How to go about EQing this frequency response? (with pics)

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Here is an example of my front speakers frequency response (Sub off. tweeters and mids are on active crossover @ 3.5 kHz). As you can see, the 100-300Hz range of my midrange speakers is much lower than the 400Hz-3.5kHz range. So do I EQ the 400Hz-3.5kHz range DOWN to this level, with the...
  2. Help with a subwoofer level controller

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi guys I have a Holden Barina 2010 model ( in the states it's a Chev Aveo ) and I've just put 6 1/2' splits in the front doors which sound great and I've got a 12' sub to go in the hatch area but I am wondering about the subwoofer level controller. I want to connect the splits to my 2 channel...
  3. help level setting of DQS audiocontrol Need Advice

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hi everyone, I just purchased a NIB audiocontrol DQS and am having some trouble setting the input/output levels on the unit. If I go by the owners manual the levels seem set too high and produce a "hiss" in my speakers. eq in all flat positions. HU all flat positions. I have tried setting...