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  1. HID lights turning off?? plz help!!

    General Car Audio Discussion
    so I just installed a 55 watt 6k hid lights in my truck All of the wires were connected as said in the user manual… the lights look perfectly fine when I turn them on and the truck Is turned off…. But when I turn the truck on the lights flicker out and then start to go ape sh*t… maybe I need to...
  2. LED wiring help

    Off Topic
    I'm putting some LED strips in my car and I'm new to this so I need some help. Here's my set up: I will have 3 different circuits; under my dash and under my seats (4 strips), all 4 doors (4 strips), and my trunk (2 strips). I want the ones under my dash and seats wired into my gauge lights. I...