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  1. BMW 530xit stock sub issue

    General Car Audio Discussion
    So I have a 530xit BMW with the logic seven system and factory sub. Recently I was driving listening to Another One Bites the Dust by Queen which has a pretty strong bass line. The volume was up but not excessive, and about ten seconds in all bass in the car stops. No blowing sound or melting...
  2. Creating a center channel, ms-8

    General Car Audio Discussion
    So I recently got a jbl ms-8 in my 2003 Volvo v70 wagon. I've been looking into a center speaker so I can use the logic sevens full benefits. There is no stock speaker but I don't mind a custom install, and I just have some things I need clarified? First, do I need to create a center off the...
  3. MS-8 Logic 7 - rear faded side speakers pulse

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello, I am not sure if this is normal... With Logic 7 on and HU faded all to rear, my side speakers alternate in volume. They sort of phase back and forth: louder/quieter/louder/quieter. The side speakers also are missing the highs of the front speakers With Logic 7 off these are not an...