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  1. I want to disturb the peace!

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I want it to hurt, I wanna set off car alarms, I want to drive by people's homes and rattle pictures frames! I WANT A NOISE COMPLAINT! Current build is 2- alpine type r 12 swr-d4 Power acoustik 5500.1d BAMF Q Bomb ported encloure Zero gauge wiring and a cheap touchscreen double din head unit...
  2. My Tweeters Are Too Loud

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Good evening, I recently replaced my component set for 2 reasons I bought a used set of JBL MS62C's and the spider on the woofers both eventually failed and while I was having my windshield replaced one of the installers slammed a tweeter in the door(mostly my fault as they were only held on...
  3. Chevy suburban front stage help!!!

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I have an 03 Suburban that has had the front stage changed 3 times in the past year. I am currently redoing my doors and trying ro decide on what to do. Im considering 1 -10 and 2 -8s. Or 1 - 12 and 2 -8s. The only thing im settled on so far is that the 8s will be crescendo neo forte with 300rms...
  4. X18 transmission line for a 2005 Honda Element

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    I am in the middle of building a tline for my honda element using a Sundown x18.
  5. help please speaker distortion

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    hey i just registered because i really need help i dont know if im damaging my new speakers or is just something rattling SET UP: pioner mp1300 HU alpine spr60c(6.5's front) spr69(6x9's rear) powered by alpine mrxf65(4 channel) i believe and the a type r 1000 rms 12" powered by kicker 1000.1dx...
  6. Speaker Crackling...

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi, I've got a setup in my truck with two 4" front speakers in the doors, and two 8" subs along with two 4" speakers hooked to an amp in the back. The door (front) speakers are running off of the head unit, and they crackle at mid-high volume (crackling starts with volume at 27 out of 45). What...
  7. box for 2 12s sony xplod xsl122p5

    Fabrication, Tools & Tricks of the trade
    im trying to build a ported wave box..i was wondering if anyone might have the design for 2 12s sony xplod xsl122p5 is the model of the subs...i never designed a wave box and i was hoping some has done it before for these kind of speakers or if anyone can help me out... i knw the speakers aint...