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    I cant tag threads anymore? Has this feature been disabled? edit: i see I am able to tag on this thread? Is it now only the OP can add tags?
  2. Did we land on the moon?

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    What do you think?
  3. Weed:

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    Usually I just listen to my stereo and constantly find flaws in it, and think about ways to improve it (changing speakers, crossovers, eq, etc), and most of the time Im annoyed and stressed because there is something I dont like. But then there are other times. Then I get to listen. And feel...
  4. 4 Gauge vs 8 Gauge sound quality ???

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Currently I am running 8 Gauge power wire with the JL HD750 amp and 12W7 subwoofer. Distant is about 7-8ft from battery to amp. Everything work fine and sound great. I wonder if I upgrade to 4 Gauge power wire, will the subwoofer sound ever better or there wouldn't be any sound different?
  5. how you'd start planning a 2 sub wall?

    DIYMA - SPL Forum
    Anybody with experience with dual 15 or 18 sub wall set-ups? I've got over 14 cu. ft., maybe 16 or 17 with some wierd angles. I've been told to keep it as squared off as possible in side, but it's a two-door neon so I could go into some cavities and up over the rear deck for some more space if...
  6. How to Hair trick

    DIYMA - SPL Forum
    i got 2 l7 15 in 3.5 cu ft ported tune @ 35 hz with hifonics 2600 amp brutus. its loud makes throat vibrate and cans bounce in drink holders but i want the hair trick kinda lound like on the youtube videos what do i need 2 more subs more power ???? any suggestions please its in avalanche so i...
  7. Best Of The Shoutbox

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    I'm making this so you guys all know what you are missing out on when you aren't tuned into the shoutbox. So post up, and remember the internetz is serious. OldSchoolNewbie: guys, guys, as you long as you understand I'm really not gay, we can joke about it eriley: zomg! you are teh...
  8. My 150db System

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey Guys, I'm mainly a SQ guy but wanted to try and build a SPL, so here it is... I wanted to build a 150db daily system that could hit a 150db on the Term Lab. I also wanted to build a non-wall / Below the window line box. 2001 GMC YUKON DENALI SYSTEM INFORMATION Head Unit: Alpine IVA-D100...
  9. On the lighter side, a Feminine Sub

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    We've all been thru it, your Girlfriend/Spouse has a Birthday coming up. So you Google "Hot-pink Fuzzy Powered Subwoofer". But alas, not a single hit. Well fellas this year things will be different! The NEW Limited Edition car audio Pink Active FLI Trap, is pre-amped and offers quick and...
  10. Allow me to give you some cool music

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    It sounds fan-friggin-tastic on a good system, YouTube - KMFDM - Megalomaniac [HD] And a little something that tells it straight out, YouTube - Dogma - KMFDM Got rattles? You just might now, YouTube - Disconnect - She Wants Revenge
  11. Does SQ matter when listening to music really far away

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    One example I have in my mind is lets say you have a great system everything is down perfectly then in a car here you roll your windows down and people hear your music. Would ppl notice the difference btw a stock system tuned correctly vs a sq system tuned correctly? Would people actually be...
  12. TBI HDSS Tweeter: Taken apart

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    One of the tweeters broke where the terminal was. I tried taking it part, that was a task on its on. There was soo much glue holding it together. Turns out the grill is permanant :/ the terminals are attached to the grill and the leads and diaphragm are separate, and just soldered like that...
  13. Old School Fosgate Sytem in a Grand National

    Old School Car Audio Discussion
    Sup guys,long time lurker here..... I have an 87 Buick Grand National and I have the itch to put in the system I wanted when I was a teenager.Been gathering for a minute and this is what I have: AMPS: 1 of the 40dsm 1 of the 60ix 2 of the 200ix 1 of the 4020 1 of the 4080 1 of the 250m2 Head...
  14. NEW Nightshade Pole Plugs!

    DIYMA - SPL Forum
    We have been using a plastic domed pole plug for our cooling option for some time now on our Nightshade SPL Woofers. I decided to take a new route and these will be shipping as of orders placed today and beyond. They were made down the street here in Troutman, NC :) Solid aluminum plugs...
  15. DFW High Noon: Tweeter Showdown

    Member Reviews & Product Comparisons
    Today, 5 diyma members including myself met at my house today to listen to some tweeters. Megalomaniac (Mir), ~Magic_Man~(Joseph), Bassfromspace(Brian), and Azngotskills(Mark)...all brought something to help us listen to a very wide variety of tweeters. At our disposal we had a Behringer active...
  16. best sound quality components

    General Car Audio Discussion
    hello, looking into 6.5 components, thinking of going with the cdt es62i series. any pros, cons? Running an a/d/s mx460 , alpine cda9855 h.u. any recomendations as for a great sounding set of components would be appreciated thanks for your time
  17. how loud is ur sq system

    General Car Audio Discussion
    just wondering if any of u have metered ur sq systems and if so what were ur #s? and whats ur system consist of
  18. Low shelf filter or cabin gain filter for a car?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi all, I tried to search on google already, but, you know my search skillz are for poop, so forgive the question. If my tests tomorrow still show a huge 12db drop after 50Hz, it seems it would make sense to look for a low-shelf filter to cut frequencies starting at around 55Hz and lower...
  19. How I want to tune me system. Is this a workable idea?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Okay, I've notice that few if any drivers that you can buy are actually stress tested to certain decibels of SPL for audible distortion/motor noise. So, I wanted to think up a way to manually stress test drivers as safe as possible but with some risk in a cost-no-option method. Certain...
  20. T line build for Megalomaniac

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Heres a T line for Megalomaniac Wood cut first side on port in port done with baffle in and 45s in the corners top on and its done Double flush baffle for the ed-700 Hooked it up in his car, was quite impressive for a little 6 1/2"