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  1. Centre Channel Replacement - GLA45 AMG

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi All, The centre 2.75”/3”channel speaker in my ’16 GLA45 AMG (Harman Kardon package) is a hot mess with anything below 60hz to the point where I believe the cone and surround have completely detached from each other. Does anyone know of or can point me in the direction of a suitable...
  2. Amp Advice for Morel Install

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Greetings! I am doing an install on my new (to me) 1989 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL Sedan. Looking to buy an amp to make this work. Having been advised by the good folks at Benzworld, I picked up these speakers as they are supposed to be drop-in replacements for the OEM. (Keeping the car as original...
  3. What Fits? 2015 C Class Mercedes (w205)

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Slowly procuring stuff for my next vehicle which will hopefully be a mercedes c450/c43. Despite the c class being out for almost 2 years, I'm having difficulty finding mounting dimensions for the front three ways. All I've been able to find out is that the Focal KRS 100 2-way component set fits...
  4. Mercedes W124 (well, C124 really) E320 Coupe

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I am looking to build a modest system in my 1995 E320 Coupe, currently stock (and 20 years old). My priority is to have a "full, rich and detailed" sound at normal volume, no desire for high SPL. My music taste includes pop, country and classical. I want to make use of the dashboard speaker...
  5. JL Audio C3-650 vs. Focal 165KR

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hi guys, new member here, asked this on Yahoo answers but had no replies, knew this was the best place for advice. Going to do a complete audio upgrade, I have all my equipment ready apart from the front components, question is which people think would be best suited to the install. Set up as...
  6. 2003 (W203, pre-facelift) Mercedes C230 Coupe

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey everyone, It's been a long while since I have been active on this awesome forum. I've just traded my Jeep for a new to me C230 and the factory Bose system in this car is pretty underwhelming. Here's what I salvaged from my Jeep's system that needs a new home: Audison Bit Ten D and DRC...
  7. F/S Focal, Diamond Audio, Pioneer, Custom Mercedes Enclosure

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Ive got quite a few things that i need to get rid of to make some room in the garage. All the Focal and Pioneer were only installed for 3 months Focal Solid 1 800x1 and Solid 4 75x4 $300 each obo Focal Polyglass 130cvx 5.25" coaxial $150 obo Focal Polyglass 21 V2 8" Sub $200 obo Custom...
  8. DEX-P99RS vs. Mcintosh

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I had the intention of buying a denon HU- then i realized that there is no warranty for it in the US. and no ipod connectivity, amongst other things. then i thought about the MX406 or MX5000/4000. but its very limited. i read that you can even fast forwards or rewind a disc. i love the...
  9. dream car/no system- need help.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    im new to car audio, i know home audio very well. i just bought a 1991 mercedes benz 300se. its been well taken care of, and i wanted to put something as prestigious as the car its self (being the last hand built mercedes before they went full stream production). not knowing anybetter, i was...