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  1. Need advice on purchasing a subwoofer.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello, I have been searching the forums for quite a while now and cannot seem to find anyone with a similar post to mine, so I decided to start a new thread. I am looking for a 15" subwoofer that can play down low when listening to rap, but also still sound good when listening to...
  2. Pioneer p99rs single din trim, universal??

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hiya, dont have the trim for my p99rs, can any universal single din trim do? Would like a nice polished black metal one. cheers!
  3. Need QUICK help deciding what sub speaker setup is best

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    The setup: Okay, I have a Pioneer GM-5500T 2-channel amp. It runs 2 channels/4 ohms @ 125W RMS per channel, OR 1 channel @ 400W RMS (bridged). I currently have a Kicker comp 10" sub running to it with the amp bridged and obviously the gain way down. The Kicker sub handles 150W RMS. The...
  4. FS: LPG 26NA tweeters, 1 NIB and 2 used

    Car Audio Classifieds
    I have 3 LPG 26NA 1" metal dome tweeters for sale. One is brand new, fresh from madisound. The other two are used, but very gently treated. Crossed over at 4.5 kHz with 24 db slopes. The used tweeters come with the LPG hinged wedge mounts, which are removable. $40 shipped for the used pair...