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    Need a mic for RTA’ing - I figure this is the easiest way to go. But I wouldn’t mind any other mic if it comes with everything it needs (phantom power) or is a killer deal. I’m new here but I gotta say - this community is way better than buying off eBay and amazon.
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    Has anyone used this mic? I like the fact that it is a USB and not XLR, that way I hook it up directly to the laptop with only the USB cable. Unfortunately it has no reviews on the Parts Express site. Link: Dayton USB Mic
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    I got this some time ago from another member and used it to tweak my system once, and haven't touched it since, so it's time to go. The mic is a Behringer ECM8000 from Cross Spectrum Labs (premium + option). It was brand new when I got it, and I used it once as I mentioned. It comes with the...
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    Name: Huy Nguyen Location: Houston, TX Email: [email protected] __________________________________________________ I have a few things for Sale/Trade and a few things to give away. What I'm Looking for: ~Kenwood XR-1S, Arc Audio KS500.1, or JL Audio HD750/1 or XD600/1 ~Rifle Scopes...
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    My best imprint tuning advice would be to follow the directions, oddly enough. Set the gains on your component amp to 1/2, exactly 12 o'clock on the gain dial. Somehow imprint is designed to test the amplifiers gain sensitivity or something. I found cutting the sub amp gain to the lowest...
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    I need a win 98 usb audio codec for the mic mate usb mic luck on the mic mate website...tried some searches...anyone?