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  1. Hybrid Audio Technologies - Clarus C10 Subs - Demo

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: FS: Hybrid Audio Technologies - Clarus C10 Subwoofers - Demo Model (2 Subs) Condition of all items: Demoed Unit Total Price: $650.00 (2 Subs) Includes Shipping Shipping Terms: Included in sale price Pictures: - Attached Additional Information: These speakers were...
  2. FS: (2) Dynaudio MW160GT Mids

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Dynaudio MW160GT Condition of all items: - Great working condition, 8/10 visually - Both have a scratch on the cone from previous install (bought that way). Doesn't affect SQ - Little bit of something stuck on one surround (previous install I'm guessing) - Typical...
  3. Sympathetic vibration control - How!?!

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Fellow readers, I have terrible vibration issues that are robbing my system of midbass and bass from my door JL speakers due to wild vibrations coming from the front doors. They vibrate and resonate like crazy. And rattling of course. I do have generous amounts of dynamat in the doors, but the...
  4. JL Audio C5 coax versus Focal K2 component?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    A brief history. I have the JL C5650X coax's in my car now, up front. For me, there is just no bass, and weak mid-bass. It's all midrange and treble and not terribly resolving treble at that. I have the coax's in the stock mid-woofer location of my Nissan Maxima. How much better would Focal K2...
  5. New system with good stuff. So so sound. Why?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Dear fellow enthusiasts, I have what I feel is a pretty good system from a hardware standpoint. It was installed competently. But I find the sound fairly underwhelming. Here's what I have... Front coaxials: JL Audio C5-650 Rear coaxials: JL Audio C2-650 Subwoofer: JL Audio ProWedge W6V2 sealed...
  6. Need help deciding on mid-drivers to match rest of system. Imaging?'s Box?'s Xover?'s

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Please address as many of the questions as you can and feel free to elaborate on to any other area of the set up. Expertise is very much appreciated. I listen to a lot of rock music. Info below----- Car: 91 Civic Hatchback (3 door) Headunit: JVC KD-SH909 Front door speakers: Eclipse SP6510 -...