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  1. Car Audio Classifieds
    Used pair of ZR800s. Original owner. Includes original packaging, grills, emblems & hardware. Prices includes shipping to US lower 48 Lowball offers will be ignored. $530 Paypal F&F or Zelle OR $550 Paypal goods/services
    $530 USD
  2. Car Audio Classifieds
    These are BNIB never used,installed or seen power. They are fresh 10/10 condition. These can work well with a 2 way by adding a tweeter or wideband and even a 3 way setup. The RAM 6 B driver features: A Hard Alloy Cone and Cap High Grade and Powerful Ceramic Magnet Gold Plated Push Terminals...
    $195 USD
  3. eBay
    Back when passive crossovers were the big item to show off in your mobile sound system, Kicker had a series of Kick-ass crossovers that not only sounded amazing but were eye candy for the serious audiophile. The MB100 was designed to deliver midbass frequencies of 100 Hz to 350 Hz at a 12 dB...
  4. eBay
    The engineers at Crossfire Car Audio meticulously crafted this 3 ohm midbass driver, the BMF series MB6. This dedicated midbass is a great compliment to any car stereo utilizing a component system or horn-loaded compression drivers. The MB6 midbass drivers are designed to play between 60Hz and...
  5. Car Audio Classifieds
    Have a set of Illusion c6 woofers for sale! Used in my truck for about a year before replacing. Great overall condition will be shipped in original boxes. Price is $500 shipped for both! Will also have my c3 midranges for sale soon, as well as my MTI A pillars within the next month. TBXPs are...
    $500 USD
  6. Car Audio Classifieds
    This is just some stuff I have laying around everything functions perfectly (I can do DMM reading) 250OBO each or 430 for both 2x Scanspeak 12” 30w. 12” Grilles 10$ each Sold pair Morel msw 114 4” 80$ Dayton rs180 SOLD$ shipped Dayton 408 harness bt dongle and remote SOLD$ Single Bowers...
    $123 USD
  7. Car Audio Classifieds
    I’m just looking for a 2 channel amp that can do over 110RMS per channel. If anyone also has ribbon/amts or and Kevlar speakers I’d love to buy that aswell. I have exodus anarchy, Image dynamic 6.5, Stevens MB6, Dayton RS180s, Scanspeak discovery 12 (2x), 4 channel is acoustics for trade aswell.
  8. General Car Audio Discussion
    hello, i have a dip problem when both left and right channel plays. wondering if can help with this problem. my setup -2 way active front, door and a pillars - 12” sub behind passenger seat firing forward. (i need space at back for my equipment) suzuki wagon blind van. crossovers tweeter...
  9. Sold SOLD

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    $0 USD
  10. General Car Audio Discussion
    I am seeking a pair of 8" mid-woofers that fit in a .284 cu.ft. sealed enclosure (each). I'm going to model everything I can find in WinISD and just buy whatever I guess looks the best. I'm just here to fish for ideas because I won't think of every brand to look up. Suggestions appreciated...
  11. Car Audio Classifieds
    DynAudio MW172 mid bass (pair) Condition of all items: these are used, however still in excellent condition. with exception to a little dust, the cone and surrounds could pass for perfect condition. since they do not have a gasket on the back of the mounting flange, i used some clear silicone...
    $225 USD
  12. Car Audio Classifieds
    I used them for about 4 months to reinforce 80-160hz upfront under my driver and passenger seat. They do a fantastic job at filling in the weak areas of your door mids between 50-200hz. The most power they’ve seen is 75 watts. While i was impressed with their performance and help in bringing...
    $200 USD
  13. Car Audio Classifieds
    I have two Exodus Anarchy 704s that are brand new. 7 inch midbass. They come in original packaging. I hooked one up for a day or so. These are some of the best midbass speakers you can get for the price. Check out reviews on DIY Mobile Audio or anywhere else. I only have one box, but boxes are...
    $50 USD
  14. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Alright so here’s a shot of the near field frequency response of my driver side midbass -electronically crossed at 70 and 300 LR4 with no EQ- next to a flat target curve with matching crossovers. now here’s a look at that same drivers response from listening position -again no EQ just...
  15. General Car Audio Discussion
  16. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Does anybody real world experience with the 8ndl51 ported and in a vehicle? What was your volume and port dimensions and results in your specific vehicle? Finding firsthand user accounts of this woofer in relation to a ported box have yielded me little to no useful information. The only...
  17. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi! First post in a while, been reading through off and on for a time. I'm trying to create a decent audio setup in the worst environment possible: a 99 Jeep Wrangler TJ. Lots of bare surfaces, no carpet, it was built for an off-road vehicle before I acquired it. I'm in the process of...
  18. Car Audio Classifieds
    6.7 diameter 2.9 depth fs- 55hz $200 Shipped rubber magnet boots included
  19. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hi there guys, Im curious as to who has given full IB kicks in their vehicle a try. I am curious how you managed to get it done, what issues you run into besides extending wiring and what problems it brought upon as well as solved. I am debating if it is worth it or not to give it a shot in my...
  20. Car Audio Classifieds
    ITEM BRAND & MODEL #: Hybrid Audio L8SE Midbass Drivers CONDITION: (Used / 8.5-10) As you can see, there is a small blemish/imperfection on the magnet of the second driver - see the photos below. PRICE: $375.00 SHIPPING: Included PAYPAL FEES: Included ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Model...
1-20 of 124 Results