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  1. MLV install question

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I am preparing to install MLV in to my 09 silverado I am curious If I can forego the use of CCF and just use the factory padding under the MLV so it would be, metal, some dynamat dampener ive already installed factory carpet pad, MLV, and then the Vinyl floor that my truck has. is this a good...
  2. May Day Sale

    (Second Skin)
    May is right around the corner and the weather is getting nice everywhere to get out and do some sweet installs, so Second Skin is offering 20% off all products this May Day weekend only!!! SALE DETAILS
  3. New Half Roll of MLV Luxury Liner

    (Second Skin)
    Check out the newly added Luxury Liner half roll Mass Loaded Vinyl from Second Skin Audio. Same great quality as our full roll Luxury Liner Mass Loaded Vinyl at 90 sqft and 115 lbs, but now offered in a lighter half roll version of Luxury Liner Mass Loaded Vinyl at 45 sqft and 45 lbs. The full...
  4. Ever use Soundaway MLV?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello all, I'm starting to piece together material for a build and was looking at a few different MLV options. One that I am interested in is SoundAway Soundproofing Mass Loaded Vinyl Noise Barrier My only hesitation is that it's meant for building construction and I am worried about having a...
  5. Is Acoustical Solution's AudioSeal Sound Barrier (MLV) any good?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I'm getting some sound deadener to go in the doors and on the floor of my 2002 Pontiac Grand Am. Im set on Sound Deadener Showdown to go in my doors, but to put it in my floor and go all the way back to my trunk it's gonna cost me a freakin fortune! So Ive been looking at Acoustical Solution's...
  6. 2010 Honda Accord Coupe Install

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    This will be my official 2010 Accord Coupe install/build thread. I've been planning the build for several months acquiring parts and components. Plans have changed a couple times since the beginning and may again, who knows but for right now I think I'm ready to go. I have been into car audio...