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  1. AI in a vehicle

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    I have a slight obsession with AI, and I want one in my vehicle. What I am thinking of is opening my car door and instead of a door ajar chime when the keys are in the ignition, having a voice come on, saying "Door ajar" or something similar. And it could get more complicated, I turn the key...
  2. Mod/hack the brightness of a Soundstream Inteq

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    I have a Soundstream Inteq VR-931NB. The screen is pretty dim in daylight. Anyone know of a hack or mod to make it brighter?
  3. Our newest mod - ca90ss

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    Yup. ca90ss was the first one to step up and offer his services to moderate in place of bobditts. I spoke with the other mods and have decided to put ca90ss in the mod position for 1 month. After the month is over we will evaluate and decide if he stays on or not. Please welcome him as our...

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    I officially resign. Who here thinks they can do a better job keeping threads where they belong and putting up with all the BULLSHIT that you all think doesnt happen? Im tired of listening to all you whiners. Grow up, its just the fuckign interwebz