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  1. need help with a 18' camry w/ a budget of 2k

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey I have a 2018 Toyota Camry XSE 4cyl non- JBL I'd like to upgrade with a budget of 2k CAD including installation, I mostly listen to hip-hop, rap, r&b, and dance-hall. I want greater sound quality, can you guys help me out? I will be keep the factory head-unit, and it will be taken to a shop...
  2. elemental designs nine.1

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: elemental designs nine.1. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] @12.5 volts. .5ohm stable Condition of all items: 9/10 small scratch on fin(shown in pic) all terminals look good. Total Price: : 250 shipped obo obo obo Shipping Terms: : on me Pictures: - Unless...
  3. Cadence A7+AC

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model:Cadence A7+AC Condition of all items: Used in great working order if you are looking you know this is a beast! I just pulled this amp it is in full working order. B] Total Price: $200 shipped : Shipping Terms: : Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member...
  4. FS: ARC Audio KS 1200.1

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: ARC Audio KS 1200.1 Condition of all items: Cosmetic 10/10 Mechanical 10/10 Amp was bought February 8 2012 and wasn't installed for a few weeks after until my speakers came in. Total Price: $450.00 obo shipped Shipping Terms: I will cover shipping with insurance to...
  5. Help with i20 audio

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey friends, Really need your help here. I am a great enthusiast with limited experience in audio. I tried improving my i20 audio with the following 2 pair 3-way sound stream 6/5" (90W RMS) 1 pair oval soundstream (130W RMS) 1 soundstream 4 channel 300W (RMS) 1 mono amp (400W RMS) 1 JBL 275...
  6. WTB: Cheap Class D Sub Amp

    Car Audio Classifieds
    I'm looking for a suitable replacement for my blown Memphis 16-ST500D. It's a shame that amp blew since I picked it up dirt-cheap on ebay with some cosmetic damage. It had a small footprint and served me well, but I guess it felt like giving way... I had my Rubicon 702 in its place for a while...
  7. Wiring Two Sundown SA-10s to Mono Amp

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi, I'm looking into buying two Sundown Audio SA-10s to wire into my Alpine PDX-1.600 Mono Amplifier. I was wondering whether to buy the sub-woofers with the Dual 4 ohm coils or the Dual 2 ohm coils. Also I wasn't quite sure how to do the wiring.. The sub-woofer enclosure I have that I...