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  1. Mazda 6 Estate / Wagon 2019 - Audio Upgrade for Daily Driving

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Hello, Greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia! I want to share my audio build log for my Mazda 6 Wagon/Estate 2019. This model comes with Bose sound system, 11 speakers (1 dash center, 2 dash midrange, 2 door-pillar tweeters, 2 8'inch woofers in the doors, 2 rear door speakers, and 2 side speakers...
  2. Greetings from Mexico / Opel Tigra build

    New Member Introduction
    My first post here, thanks for having me. I decided to join as whenever I've had a question, this forum popped up and the info was very useful. I'm embarking upon building what for me is a dream system. Here is what I have figured out so far: HU: Pioneer DEH-80PRS. I had wanted the DEX-P99RS...
  3. Sinfoni Grave impressions?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hello people, I'm thinking on my set up in the new car (BMW 330e - Hybrid) and my local installer offered me to go for the Sinfoni Grave (165x2 @4 Ohm). I'm thinking of using it to drive a pair of Morel Elates 603 LE. In the old setup I had a Sinfoni Andante (95x2 @4 Ohm) - driving a pair of...