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  1. Car Audio Classifieds
    Morel Maximo 2 way component speakers. I've had almost a year, ready to part ways. I also have a 2.5' Morel for sale that I used as active three way with these.
    $190 USD
  2. IMG_4441.jpg

    Morel Maximo coaxial for rear doors.
  3. IMG_4442.jpg

    Maximo rear view
  4. IMG_4446.jpg

    Speaker first mounted.
  5. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I tried posting this before but it hasn't showed up yet so I apologize in advance it ends up being here twice. Looking to refresh my audio. Most important is clarity, loud is good, insanely loud not necessary. Current build: Head Unit Pioneer Avic D3 Amp Polk Audio C400.4 Front MB Quart...
  6. General Car Audio Discussion
    5 1/4's with 6.5s *Pics* I am custom building my own kick panels in a camaro we are restoring and we are looking to place 6.5's (component) in the front corner of the kick panel flush mounted and 5.25 components right behind them angled back with tweeters right beside them. What is the...
1-7 of 7 Results