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  1. Morel elate 603 feeler

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    Good night everyone, hope all are staying safe, well im back after a really long time, family and job kept me away from the forum and car audio alltogether, some of you know how it goes. To not Make it too long I have a morel elate 6, 3 way como set I bought a number of years ago, from a forum...
  2. Nevermind

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  3. Hey guys. I need your help. Upgrading to used Morel Supremo 602's. but. are they legit? There is no checkered pattern, can checking on a woofer fade?

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    I'm about to buy a used pair of Morel Supremo 602's on ebay with the crossovers and piccolo tweeters. but there's one thing bothering me though it may be nothing. I've noticed on all pictures I see on google images, the Morel supremo 602''s have a checkered pattern on the woofer. These don't...
  4. Helix G4 or Morel - amp advise

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hi guys, need your advise to Help me choose best amp to pair with morel virtus 3 way rated - 140wrms active front stage for maximum SQ possible 2x helix g4 - 4x80rms or morel mps - 4x70wrms. While both are reputed amps & similarly priced, I am looking to choose the right amp based on their...
  5. Pairing Morel's Virtus with Helix G or Morel Mps?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey all I am dibble dabble between pairing Virtus 2 Way with helix G4 amp or morel mps 5.950. Now something i am worried about is helix is 4x80 rms 4ohm & morel mps amp pushing out 4x70rms in same spec. Virtus drivers are rated 140rms with 91db sensitivity. I know the amps ratings are...
  6. JL Audio or Morel

    General Car Audio Discussion
    So I'm currently making some changes to my build and I was hoping to get some feedback on what new rear speakers I should go with. Currently in the front I have a JL Audio C3 6.5 component set and some old 6.5" Infinity Reference series 2-ways in the back running off the HU as well as a 10" W3v3...
  7. Amp Advice for Morel Install

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Greetings! I am doing an install on my new (to me) 1989 Mercedes-Benz 420SEL Sedan. Looking to buy an amp to make this work. Having been advised by the good folks at Benzworld, I picked up these speakers as they are supposed to be drop-in replacements for the OEM. (Keeping the car as original...
  8. Picked up a Dynaudio Esotar2 1200 sub, now to decide on mids/highs

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Picked up a Dynaudio Esotar2 1200 sub, now to decide on mids/highs So I picked up a 1200 sub. The reason I got it was I’ve tried various subs over the years (still have all of them), and I’m hoping for my Holy Grail experience. The build will be going into my SVT Contour, assuming I don’t get a...
  9. Focal or Morel or Alpine

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    Hello I want to improve the audio quality in my car, diferent stores are offering to me different brand of components. I want the best audio quality, what model do you think is better? The option of speakers are: -Morel Tempo ultra 602 -Focal 165Kr -Alpine R-S65C My Car: Mercedes*GL 450...
  10. Xtant XIS 2.4 4" poit source by Morel BNIB

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    Product Brand & Model: Xtant XIS 2.4 Condition of all items: BNIB Total Price: : $180 shipped Shipping Terms: : CONUS included Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks are positive, you must post a picture of the exact item you are selling...
  11. Tricky setup BMW F30 - advice needed

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hola, I have a 2017 F30 (330e) with the base audio system (really base, not even sold like this in the US - in the UK it's only 4 4" midrange speakers in the doors + 2 under-seat 'subs'). I'd like to improve the sound substantially but keep the stock appearance and much as possible. I really...
  12. Dazed and Confused

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Ok guys I need some help with this..So im running 4 morel tempo ultras and right now just 2 tweeters and oushing those is a 4ch zapco st-04x P 480 the morels are 120rms 250 peak..but i also have a dsp that im wanting to incorporate into this since i only have 4 ch amp im...
  13. JL audio vs Morel components

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello people, I know it's an open-ended question, but... I have morel hybrid 602 in my car (driven by a Sinfoni amp) and really like the sound - could have more bass, but I need a sub. Those were upgraded form a Morel Tempo comp set which I also liked a lot. I have another car in a different...
  14. Need help with front stage design. New User.

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey y'all! I'm brand new here and to forums in general, so ill try to make my question clear. I just got my first car and i'm a nut about sound quality so the first thing i did was take it to a few different car audio shops and get it kitted. I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to Home...

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    Product Brand & Model: MOREL HYBRID INTEGRA 602 6.5" 2-WAY COAXIAL SPEAKERS (Point Source) Condition of all items: Brand New In Box Never Installed Total Price: $480 Including Shipping to lower 48 sates Price is firm and no trade. Shipping Terms: I will pay for shipping to 48 states...
  16. Morel Midbass Passive Crossover Add on

    Par of Morel ADMW 9 Crossovers Midbass mid-bass 150hz 12db low pass ADXO No reserve, not sure what they're worth.
  17. 2014 Kia Soreno EX - Simple SQ

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    I recently bought a 2014 Sorento and decided I aught to try and improve the sound system since it lacks clarity, the imaging is really low and there isn't much in the way of bass response. I tend to listen to rock, metal, techo and new/dark-wave. I like clean, crisp highs and mid-range and...
  18. WTB: Morel Hybrid tweeter mounting hardware

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    I'm looking for the mounting hardware only for Morel Hybrid tweeters that came with the 402, 502, or 602 component sets. If you have this stuff sitting around, help a guy out :). Even if you don't have all of it, let me know what you do have, I can probably work with the surface mount if you...
  19. Old school Morel 3way setup!

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    Well after screwing around for 2 years I have decided I have too much going on in my life (broken neck repair surgery, broken hand and possible surgery, upcoming wedding, bring out of work for 3 months etc etc etc) and I don't foresee myself doing a audio system right now... so instead of...
  20. FS: Pair of IDMax 15's

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    Product Brand & Model: Image Dynamics IDMax 15 V4 D4 Condition of all items: Very good aesthitically, excellant mechanically. One of them has two shallow dimples in the dustcap that I have tried to accurately capture in the pics, and they both have minor scuffs in the paint on the back side...