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  1. Cactus sounds pf300.1,pf600.1 and pf1000.2

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    Please text me # below I'd appreciate it if you PM's vs. Commenting thank you. Looking for some power fighter goodness Anyone have any to sell or trade? Also looking for team series amps 4kw.5kw.7kw.9kw etc. K5,k7,k9 and k12 and the elite versions Text me pics 920-659-9585
  2. Orion Manuals & How To Guides

    Old School Car Audio Discussion
    Orion Manuals & How To Guides Thanks to whoever did this work! Product Manuals for Orion
  3. WTB Orion Old School XTR or XTR PRO Subs

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    Product Brand & Model: Hello I am looking for pre-1997 Orion XTR or XTR PRO Series 1 or Series 2 Subwoofers 12" or 15" SVC or preferably DVC. Condition of all items: Must be in really good and fully working condition. Total Price: : Let's talk Shipping Terms: : Pictures: - Unless you...
  4. FS: Mint Old School Orion 2100 HCCA Comp

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    Orion 2100 HCCA Competition Amplifier **MINT CONDITION** RARE!!! 1. Product: Orion 2100 HCCA Competition Amp (Gen 3) **MINT** 2. Specs: Following specs are “official” and are rated at 12 volts: (output increases with increased supply voltage as these amps where designed without regulated...
  5. FS - Image Dynamics, JL, Pioneer, Orion, and more

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    Product Brand & Model: 1. Image Dynamics IDMAX 12” (2) 2. JL 300/4 V2 3. Pioneer AVIC-D3 4. Pioneer DEH-P6800MP 5. Rockford Fosgate P310D4 10" (2) 6. Orion 600D 7. Pioneer components TS-C160R 8. Kicker 6X9 KS690 9. Kicker 12 Gauge Speaker Wire SW1220 Condition of all items: 1. New, both...
  6. Turning an MTX 9500 12" into a 10"

    DIYMA - SPL Forum
    This question is probably better suited to an SPL forum, but I'll give it a go here. I have a blown MTX 9500 12" (as good of a place to start as any). I've already removed the soft parts and basket and would like to turn this into a 10" sub. The motor takes a 4" voice coil, so I figured after I...
  7. a/d/s/ 312RS and Orion HCCA6 (a/d/s/ 336) Pre-DEI!

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    Product Brand & Model: a/d/s/ 312RS 12" DVC subwoofer Orion HCCA6 (a/d/s/ 336) Condition of all items: 312RS is 9.5/10 (front is perfect but magnet decal has some scuffs from workbench) HCCA6's are 8/10 (mounting points a little distressed since they are plastic) Total Price: : 312RS...
  8. ***WANTED*** Old School Orion HCCA 15D Subs

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    Product Brand & Model: I'm looking for Old School Orion HCCA 15D Subs that are in **NEW, MINT, or EXCELLENT** condition. They must have dual 2 Ohm voicecoils. These are not the late model subs that are so common. These were built in '99 - '00 just before Orion's buy out by DEI. I'm looking...
  9. WTB Orion DVX-2 XO cards

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    1996~98 Orion DVX-2 cards from the Concept 971 or HCCA 150 amps: I will accept used or new in good condition known to work Total Price: You tell me how much you want for them : Shipping Terms: USPS priority : Pictures: N/A - Additional info: ** DO NOT DELETE...
  10. best idea for mids/highs for spl/daily driver system

    DIYMA - SPL Forum
    which is a better idea....doing a 3 way set up with a component set (Polk MM6501) and a single 8" (Polk MM840) in the front doors of my 08 silverado or just doing multiple sets of components? im doing around 150db now (with plans to go bigger) and needless to say its getting harder to hear the...

    General Car Audio Discussion
    MY HEAD IS SPINNING!!!!!!!!!:confused::confused: i know that i have 2 orion 12" xtr pro series but it is one of the older models probably a 1999-2000 the back of the sub says orion xtr power handling 500 watts. i can find no specs or discontinued sub manuals ANYWHERE:mad: since orion has been...
  12. what is the best ipod controlling head unit

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    hello, i have a 2001 subaru legacy and i am putting together a nice system for my car and i am not sure what head unit to put in. for the subs i will have two focal multi magnet 13 inch with a rockford fostgate x6 powering them and in the doors i will have focal k2rxs powered by an orion 250 sx...
  13. bridging module for hcca 225 g1

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    I am looking for some help building a module for this hcca 225. This amp has the din plug between the rca jacks, this is what is making me belive it is gen 1. I am wondering if just building a custom rca to the right channel (flipping the signal wire to the outside and the shield wire to the...
  14. Orion 225r?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Can anyone tell me more about this amp, as in, how many versions there are, if it's worth picking up, if it's underrated, etc.? Somebody local is selling one that appears to be in good condition; however, all the pictures/info I pull up show a 225r that has a slightly different casing, as is...

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    Hi I am looking for Orion NT EQ, Crossover, Amps & Whatever else you have. PM me what you have Photo below it what I am looking for [/IMG] Thank You ERIK
  16. ADCOM Amps for sale HARD TO FIND! NEW

    Car Audio Classifieds I have 1 NEW in box Adcom 4302 White $250 Shipped 1 Mint with box Adcom 4302 Black $225 Shipped PRICES ARE FIRM!
  17. WTB --) Orion amplifiers "ol' school".

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    DIY land.. :) Looking to buy older ORION amps. XTR's, HCCA's etc.2 or 4ch. Seller must be willing to ship O.S. I've had several succesfull exchanges here. - Thank you. ps. "ol' school" is just internet parodi. HCCA's were new school back in my day :D
  18. Old Orion Cobalt 10" specs?

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I took pity on an obviously unloved sub box in a pawnshop yesterday and brought it home. It is loaded with two Orion Cobalt 10 subs. I have been searching the net for specs, but not getting very far. I have seen pictures that look similar, but no specs. DEI's site seems to only show later...
  19. MaXaZoR's FS: PPI, Orion, Memphis, StreetWires & MORE!!!

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    So I have been hoard most of this stuff for too long and I'm clearing out shop. Any questions feel free to contact me :) Orion DEQ30 - $250 Comes with a custom fiberglass enclosure. Precision Power 4125 $400 This amp does 4x125 @ 4ohms of clean power It was just repaired by Steve Mantz @...