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  1. Audison Bit One & output voltages

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello Friends, Been a while since I posted here. I've been busy but I decided to pick up my old hobby again. I was hooked up with some excellent stuff. Got myself an Audison Bit One DSP for just $100, and some other stuff. Rockford T1500bcp for just $200. Now, I've got some kind of Android...
  2. Convert an Headphone Output to Line Level Output

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hi, Does anyone knows if it is possible to convert an "Headphone Output" into a "Line level" output? (I mean, to bypass the internal amp of a device to deliver a non amplified signal). The thing here is that I want to connect my smartphone (Samsung Note 3) to my Zapco ASP-q1 (car in-dash...
  3. Need help with Alpine Pdx f4 and alpine spR 65 speakers

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Pdx f 4 amp powering type r components up front and coax in the back. I also have the alpine 149bt head unit. I have no subs, so would I leave the amp crossover on full range? Or set up a high/low range with proper frequencies? What's really weird and frustrates me is I swear everytime I drive...
  4. Where's the bass???

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Fellow car audio enthusiasts....I recently upgraded out of the stock Bose system in my Nissan Maxima and replaced the stock speakers up front with JL Audio C5 series 6.5" coaxials, and replaced the stock rear speakers with JL Audio C2 coaxials. I do have a sub, but my question here is about the...
  5. Car stereo output decreased.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    So recently i attempted retuning my stereo starting off by flipping polarity to all speakers in an attempt to get the best sound. However after finishing (everything ended up staying the same) I've noticed that the output of the entire stereo has decreased dramatically. Even the subwoofer which...
  6. RCAs and Crossovers

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I'm connecting three amps to my deck, but my issue is that I have three RCA cables (one from each amp) but my HU only has one set of inputs. I've heard of something called a crossover box with multiple inputs and one output. I need one with three in and one out. If anyone can point me in the...
  7. IB output: (2)12 IB vs (1) 12 sealed

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    After seeing install log with bmw 5 series where owner utilizes skipass to do (2) 10" IB facing rear, I am wondering if I would be happier with (2) 12" IB, possibly even facing each other vs single sealed 12" that I have now riding with me on the back seat (not laughing). So, how would having...