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  1. dvc and svc in a mono block????

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I have an old Pioneer TS-W302 and a kicker 07CRV122. The kicker is dvc at 2ohms per coil. I connected the two coils in series to make the impedance double to 4 ohms. Then i wired the two speakers to (pioneer is a svc at 4ohms) together parallel to bring them back down to 2ohms. I have them...
  2. Usher 8945 (2 per door)

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    F150 crew. Bit Ten, Voce av5.1, Neo 8 on floating pods/brackets on axis open baffle @ 900hz. 2 Vifa aluminum 10" isobaric rear console. Usher 8945a @ 58hz, stock location high in doors. Trying to get down to 4 ohm and squeeze more power for the midbass. Will I need to add in a coil to drop the...