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    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hello guys, i am pretty new in this kind of business.. I have an older Audi a3, 1998 8T with 1.8 liter engine with turbo. I have it in a pretty good condition, but still, i want to make it better, and i love music, loud music, and i want everybody around me to know what i like to listen to...
  2. Dropped my Alpine IVA-W200

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hoping someone on here can help me. I dropped my IVA-W200 a while back and broke the bezel that goes around the LCD off of its mounts as well as one of the corners clear through. I was able to find the replacement part number but unfortunately it has been discontinued and is no longer...
  3. Looking for some computer parts

    Off Topic
    I'm trying to put together a computer for this kid that is friends with my son. Hes a good kid but his family is kinda poor and they can't afford to buy him a computer. So I put one together using some parts I had in the garage, but the HDD I was using took a shit on itself last night. Also...