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  1. Audiocontrol DSP Sub Output

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Does anyone on here have any experience using an Audiocontrol DSP, specifically the DM-810? I am currently have some trouble getting any signal to my subwoofers. MY current setup has the DM-810 connected to 2 pdx-v9 5-channel amps. On the DSP I am running tweeter frequencies using channels 1-2...
  2. Alpine: PDX-v9 vs MRX-F35 & MRX-M55

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    New build. Not comparing cost, I really :D want the Alpine PDX-V9 5CH amp for SQ and simplicity but my installer has concerns about the 100w pc to the front 4 Focals that I have planned (70 RMS/140 Peak). Says he can crossover the Focals around 80hz to compensate. I also know Alpines' actual...
  3. 2-way active setup for 300zx questions/recommendations

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello, new to the forum here! I've done quite a bit of reading before today, and already my starting ideas have changed. I've got some questions and would like a bit of advice for my future setup. My HU is a Pioneer DEH-80PRS. I just picked up an Alpine PDX-V9 with the intention of running the...