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  1. Car Audio Classifieds
    I’m just looking for a 2 channel amp that can do over 110RMS per channel. If anyone also has ribbon/amts or and Kevlar speakers I’d love to buy that aswell. I have exodus anarchy, Image dynamic 6.5, Stevens MB6, Dayton RS180s, Scanspeak discovery 12 (2x), 4 channel is acoustics for trade aswell.
  2. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I´am kind of obsessed with this DIY minimalist 2.1 SQ system project... So, I have this crazy idea: To build a custom speaker, with a 4" mid-woofer with a planar tweeter /(a sort of a coaxial driver), so the tiny planar should not interferer with the overall mid output and response. I choose...
  3. Car Audio Classifieds
    FS: BNIB Bohlender Graebener Neo3 & Neo8-PDR Planar Magnetic Ribbon Transducer PAIRS! Product Brand & Model: 1. Bohlender Graebener Neo3 Planar Tweeter PAIR (non-PDR, No back cups, Unique Specs from npdang Group Buy!). Brand New! 2. Bohlender Graebener Neo8-PDR Planar Midrange PAIR. Brand...
  4. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello I'm a noobie in installations but always been a sound system fanatic. I have a 2006 chrysler town and country which I'd like to make an enjoyable ride. I'm interested in having a crisp defined sound and im curious if it's possible to use planar speakers in a automobile. I recently heard...
  5. General Car Audio Discussion
    I havent spent too much time on here (yet). I'm 19 and pretty frugal with money. This is very difficult because one of my passions is this. In lieu of a needed speaker upgrade from my 4-year old Sony components, I started looking for some speakers to throw in my car's front stage. I am running...
1-5 of 5 Results