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  1. Sub popping cant figure out why!?!?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey, I recently installed a 15'' fusion sub and Rockford Fosgate T400.2 amp but im having some problems. when playing music the sub will pull its self in every 2 seconds or so. It only does this when it is connected to the head unit tho. Also if I press on the speaker when no music is playing it...
  2. Focal Speaker Popping noise

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I have a friend who just bought 2 Focal component speakers. They have a built in crossover so it appears that there are only wires to hook up and nothing else to worry about. Whenever they are turned up to what I feel like is about 75% volume they start popping. They are rated at 70 watts rms...
  3. Speakers popping, need help. I know this has been asked to death

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Just recently my speakers have been making a popping noise, it occurs randomly at all volume levels. I know this problem has other posts and ive tried everything. I tried new grounds, i took a dremel to the bolt, nut, and metal to try and get the best connection. My gains on the AQ 4 channel are...