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power handling

  1. Capacitor Install

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I'm installing Two Rockford Fosgate 15" woofers with a r250x1 for each of them and I was thinking of installing a 1.5 Farad T-Spec cap before my distribution block. My block is a 1 to 4 and after I put the 15's in i am also adding two 12" fosgates so i figured the cap was the a good idea to add...
  2. tweeter replacement help

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Okay, so lately I've been considering replacing the tweeters from my morel hybrid ovation ii 6'' component set. I've heard a lot of good things about the H.A.T. L1 pro r2 tweets, so I was gonna try them out. The problem is, the minimum recommended crossover for them is 2khz @ 24 db/octave, and...
  3. marine audio i have 4k to spend

    Boats And Marine
    I have a 47' regal with cabin area and engine room to put equipment. I have room for 4-5x9" speakers and 2-6.5in speakers and up to 3-4 subs all outside. Amps will be inside the cabin in a non-wet or corrosive environment. I have $3500-$4000 to spend on all the equipment I need. I am completely...
  4. Focal utopia be running active, wrms

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Focal Utopia Be active power handling hiya, just a really quick q i hope someone can shed some light on. Ive been searching around for a while and its frikin hard to find a definitive answer on this! i have a pair of utopia 3w2, 6w2 and tbe tweeter. Im going to run these active of alpine f...