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  1. Alpine PXA-H100, KTX-100EQ, KCA-410c, TUA-550HD, Intravee Breakout box

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    Selling off some of my Alpine modules that I had hooked up to my Intravee. Everything works fine. I upgraded to a PXA-700 w/RUX and decided to simplify my system. Alpine KCA-410c switch. Excellent condition with box & manual. $150 shipped to Continental US. Alpine PXA-H100 2/3way processor...
  2. Cda-117/Pxa-H100 active with rear fill?

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    The vehicle: 04' Chevy Tahoe w/Bose amp The equipment I have (not installed): Cda-117, Pxa-H100 Massive NX5 Silver Flute W17RC38-04 6.5" SEAS Prestige 27TFFNC/G (H1396) 1" Textile Dome Tweeter First Gen 12" Alpine Type-R SVC 4ohm PAC OS-2C-Bose PAC-SWIJack I had planned on leaving the Bose amp...
  3. Alpine CDA-117, PXA-H100 Imprint Processor and KTX-H100 Sound Manager Kit

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    Product Brand & Model: Alpine CDA-117 CD Receiver w/KCA-121B Aux-In Adapter Alpine PXA-H100 Imprint Audio Processor & Alpine KTX-H100 Imprint Sound Manager Kit for PXA-H100 Condition of all items: Excellent - I am original owner. Was installed in my Jetta for just under 2 years with no...
  4. FS: Full Alpine setup flawless

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    1. IVA-W505 2. PXA-H100 3. NVE-P1 4. TR7 bypass 5. KCE-300BT Condition of all items: everything 100% working no scratches flawless. When installed (brand new) i had about 20k on the car and now i have 32k. This just shows you how little it was used. Car was garaged the entire time so it...
  5. HELP - first time Active tuning

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I've been a DIYMA troll for sometime now, but the search button is just not giving me what i need, i'm hoping you Audio-nuts can help me out: Summary: I need help getting the INITIAL crossover settings on (1.) my amps, and (2.) my alpine CDA 9886 / Imprint PXA-h100 Setup in my 2007 Tacoma...
  6. WTB: PXA-H100

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    Hey guys... Just bought an Alpine X305S and now I'm lookin to buy a PXA-H100... Does anyone have 1 for sale???
  7. No sound from speakers with pxa-h100 and cda-117

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    Alright, so heres the deal folks... I have an Alpine CDA-117 and I recently hooked up the PXA-H100 to it. I switched the 3 switches on the bottom of the cd player to EXT AP, I have the yellow power cable directly connected to the battery and the black ground cable bolted down to bare metal...
  8. Used Alpine PXA-H100 and KTX-H100

    Hi all, I switched to a Pioneer head unit and no longer require my Alpine PXA-H100 or KTX-H100. They’re used but work great. I've posted the eBay auction here: ALPINE PXA-H100 + KTX-H100 IMPRINT AUDIO PROCESSOR - eBay (item 180602979146 end time Dec-26-10 15:55:36 PST) It's item 180602979146...
  9. Alpine Imprint NOISE! Help steer me right...

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    I have an Alpine iDA-X305 and the imprint processor PXA-H100 which mates with it. I just hooked them up and I was super excited to listen and then I turned on the stereo.... NOISE! Before I hooked up the PXA-H100 the stereo was completely quiet. If you had the volume set to its lowest...