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  1. US Amps USA-100

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: US Amps USA-100 2 Channel Amplifier - 1 ohm stable Rated at 100 x 2 (2ohm) or 315 x 1 (2ohm mono). Damping factor >400, S/N 102db Recommended fuse size 50 amps. Will realistically bench closer to 600 watts rms when bridged Condition of all items: Well-maintained...
  2. Rare U-Dimension amps

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: u-Dimension U40XZ V.2 4 channel amp U-dimension Pro 7.2x 2ch amplifier U-dimension Pro 3.2x 2ch amplifier Condition of all items: All amps - 9-9.5/10 Total Price: : u-Dimension U40XZ V.2 4 channel amp - $700 U-dimension Pro 7.2x 2ch amplifier - $400 U-dimension...
  3. Genesis Ultra Rare Audiophile Component Set

    Take a look at my auction :)
  4. FS: Auto Meter, AudioControl, Stinger, HD Radio, Ascendant Audio

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    Product: 1). BNIB Visteon HDP250 HD Jump w/Car Kit - HD Radio 2). BNIB Auto Meter 6993 - Auto Meter Digital Gauges (I have 2 of these) 3). AudioControl LC7 w/BNIB Dash Mountable Remote Knob with Source Selection and Subwoofer Level Control 4). Stinger SPDH5 5-Farad Digital Pro Hybrid Cap...
  5. Awesome Class A 10.2 By SoundStream F/S

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Ill take the best offer. I hate to put a price on this rare beautiful item. RARE SoundStreams most powerful Class A amplifier [/URL] The Class A Rubicon 10.2 PDF Manual This amp is 100% functional. As you can see it has been painted and clear coated with a metal hammer finish inside and...
  6. Vintage 1980s Proton 222 and 250 Amplifiers

    Proton 222: ebay item 330525459484 Proton 250: ebay item 330525460651 Both items end this Sunday. No reserve. Any questions, let me know.
  7. Autotek 333 & 80MXi, Fultron CX-1635, Fuses - No Reserve

    I am selling the following items on E-Bay. The amps are in GREAT condition. The terminals are pristine. They were pulled from a working system nearly 10 years ago and have been resting comfortably in my closet ever since. Auctions will end Saturday, August 28th. Autotek 333 Autotek 80MXi...
  8. Old School Showoff Thread

    Old School Car Audio Discussion
    Lets see what everyones got... I've mostly got SS stuff but picked up a NIB Lanzar LXR100 today. Gotta get the out and get some pics.