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  1. Old School Car Audio Discussion
    I have two Audison Sedici amplifiers that have not been powered up since 2003 until now. We have lights but no sound. I bought them new in 1995ish. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I can have them repaired? Thanks [email protected]
  2. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I know a lot of people repair amps, I know there are guides on how to troubleshoot an amp not working through external problems ie grounding, RCAs, but I can’t find a single guide on how to fix a broken amp when you crack it open. Where do these guys get their knowledge from? Wondering what to...
  3. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I have a power acoustik EDGE SERIES 10000watt amp. It blew out 6 mosfits. I can't find the factory parts (mosfit#'s IRF3205 or P825Y)
  4. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I left my Mosconi 6to8 V8 USB cord plugged in. After filling up my trunk with luggage, I found the cable was pushed enough that the USB jack ripped out of the circuit board. After removing the cover for the Mosconi, I found the traces for the jack were pulled out of the circuit board...
  5. Equipment Repair and Modification
    I'm the second owner of a Mcintosh mc440 that worked in two cars for over 12 years. Now it no longer outputs sound in either channel. The amp turns on, the fans turn on, and the PG light does not come on. The problem showed up about a month ago. After the car was started the amp had sound...
  6. Old School Car Audio Discussion
    Does anyone know of any place that will repair older Soundstream amps? I have D-Artagnan that has stopped coming on and I would like to have repaired. None of the electronics places around my hometown want to fool with car audio repair anymore. Thanks, Scott
  7. Equipment Repair and Modification
    Hi guys. At first i must admit that English is not my native language. I know its not at good level, but i hope you can understand what i mean. I recently bought an Autotek 99 car amplifier, made by Zed Audio 1994. (The PCB board tell us its Revision C which i cant find on google image) It...
  8. General Car Audio Discussion
    I just picked up a good condition mac mc420 but it has original caps and I want to replace/upgrade them before install. I also have a zapco c2k 9.0 that won't shut off, keeps killing battery, that i need repaired. I hit up a few guys on here but nobody hit me back. I'd appreciate any active...
  9. Equipment Repair and Modification
    Getting ready to do a new build with 2 zapco 9.0's and 2 6.0's . But one of my 9.0's has a problem and it won't shut off. I only realized because the amp powers my zapco eq and when I shut the car off, the eq stayed on. So the amp won't shut off, other than that it bangs!!! What I need to...
  10. General Car Audio Discussion
    What is the purpose of the foam material on the back of DYN’s? Bought a pair of 8’s (used) and it was missing, bought a MW190 (used) and the material disintegrated when I touched it. Is there a to replace it, if so where do I get it from? -thanks!
  11. General Car Audio Discussion
    I just received 2 alpine sws 1034d subwoofers for free one of them is in good shape and the other sounds like the voice coil is rubbing. Is there anywhere i can get parts for it or anywhere that can repair it? If it is even worth it. And are surrounds universal?
  12. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    So I have this beautiful Denon head unit that I used to have in an old vehicle along with a carputer. Everything worked perfectly. When I sold the car, I put it in a box and it's been stored in my closet for at least six years now. I just got around to installing it in my vehicle, and I'm having...
  13. Equipment Repair and Modification
    Hi I have an oldschool Picasso PIC1.1700D I am working on. I am in desperate need of schematics or even anyone who can ID components R101 & R251. They are fried and I cannot see any color rings on these resistors. No one seems to have any info on these since the company sold. Thanks in advance! Ray
  14. Old School Car Audio Discussion
    my Reference 500sx works, but not right. I am unable to adjust the gain when in mono mode. Mixed mono i can adjust, but not mono. The guy I took it to wants to replace the two small boards next to r29 and r92 as well as the mono switch. I've got a pic of said "boards" but think I need...
  15. Equipment Repair and Modification
    Hello all, I've been lurking around these forums for years reading on all sorts of topics. I finally got around to putting a nice system in a vehicle I plan to take to Moab next month and I'm having a bit of a problem with one of my PPI Amps. I had a bit of an accident when testing the output...
  16. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey guys! Please Help! i have a 15 Memphis LVS...and both cone burned, i need some one who can fix it or who can get a recone kit....Please Help...
1-16 of 16 Results