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  1. Ohms and Independence

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Two Skar VD-12’s they are 2 ohms and 500 watt rms and the amp is a skar rp-1200.1 d I’m lost on how to wire the subs to the amp and what the power output of the amp would be I’m trying to get the two subs wired to 2 ohms all together any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. Two Different RMS Ratings.. Which to choose?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I'm installing my components, their specs give two different RMS ratings (JBL GTO609C). Spec sheet says: Power Handling Continuous Average: 90W's Recommended Amp RMS Power Range: 5W-200W and Peak Power Handling: 270W. My amp will do 100W per channel, but I could bridge it so I can get 200W's...
  3. 150W RMS Sub - Good enough?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    So, I've bought myself a 1000w Sony XPlod amp (Mostly because of high level in), and I've been looking at subs. I caught a Panasonic EAK-WG30 for $12 without a box. I'll pick up a box soon, and will no doubt cost more than the sub itself. The sub is 150w RMS, 4 Ohms and 500w Peak. I plan on...
  4. Audison Bit One & output voltages

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello Friends, Been a while since I posted here. I've been busy but I decided to pick up my old hobby again. I was hooked up with some excellent stuff. Got myself an Audison Bit One DSP for just $100, and some other stuff. Rockford T1500bcp for just $200. Now, I've got some kind of Android...
  5. MTX Terminator TNE212D + BOSS R1100M Amp = Overpowered?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I'm considering getting the Terminator MTX TNE212D subwoofers from Amazon. The BOSS R1100M amp is listed as an item that the subs are frequently bought with, and many reviews report success with it. However, the total RMS for the subs is listed at 400W @2-Ohms, while the amp is listed at 825W...
  6. novice question perhaps but help needed

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Ok, so I have 4 new speakers each rated at 75 rms, 4 ohm and I want to amplify them, question is should I match them with a 4 channel 75 rms p/[email protected] 4 ohm ,amp.. or should I wire them together to ( 2 ohm 150 rms per pair ) and get a 2 channel 200 rms p/[email protected] ohm ,giving me a little bit...
  7. WTB: Oscilloscope w/ True RMS

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: These are some of the models I have been looking at online: Fluke 97 Fluke 123 Owon HDS 1021 Velleman HPS50 TPI 440 Doesn't necessarily have to be one of these models. Condition of all items: Used. Would accept new but would probably be out of my budget. Total...
  8. advise on what amp for 4 speakers and 8" sub?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    i have a 90 honda crx, and pioneer deh-150mp head unit, which has mosfet amp (50w x 4) and rca outputs and ability to control a seperate subwoofer, i have 6.5" alpine coaxial speakers in the front doors, which are 100 watt RMS / 200 watt peak and are 4 ohms, then i have 6.5" pioneer...

    Car Audio Classifieds
    I got (2) 13.5 JL Audio W6v2's DUAL 4 OHM (come w/ the JL Grills for free) $45 dollar value!!!!! (I am the first owner of both subs) 750 RMS ea First Sub is 8.5/10 physically, (it has a minute scuff from brushing up onto something) Purely cosmetic. Second sub is 9.5/10 physically BOTH SUBS are...