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  1. Car Audio Classifieds
    Direct from Crutchfield ($675) in mid November & decided to go a different route. Less than 15 hours of play time, in great condition, boxed up and ready for a new home. Amazing, clean (AB deliciousness) on the first 4 channels, powerful D on the 5th/subwoofer channel, versatile, built to...
    $375 USD
  2. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Whats up forum? I am finishing up my final few parts for my SQ Tahoe Build. This is my very first system, like ever. I want to run a fully active dsp controled system. However I don't understand the channel setup. I have added my parts list below. Please advise on which Helix dsp I need for my...
  3. IMG_4487.JPG

    RF P600X4
1-3 of 3 Results