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  1. ODR RS-D7x + ODR RS-P70x

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    Product Brand & Model: ODR RS-D7x + ODR RS-P70x Condition of all items: Used, Item has some minor scratches, but overall condition is satisfied. Cosmetic condiotion solid 7/10. Technical condition 9/10. I have checked loading disk, it's loaded smoothly. Total Price: : 1800 USD Shipping...
  2. FS: Focal 7w2, Bewith R-130, ODR RS-D7x

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: 1. Focal 7w2. 2. Bewith R-130. Japaneese high-end 5" midbasses. Resonance 40Hz 3. ODR RS-D7x. Japaneese HU Condition of all items: 1. Few scratches. 9/10 2. Few scraches. 9/10 3. Working is OK. Only opening-closing mechanism is sounding little 6/10 Total Price: : 1...