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  1. When is there a point of too much DynaMat?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    OK, so I was wondering is there a point to when you could have to much dampening material in your doors or cabin which could have a negative effect on sound? I have an S2000 and I'm installing Hertz HSK 165XL's. My doors are DynaMat'ed; one layer outside skin (door panel side) one layer inside...
  2. Looking for input on Outfitting a Honda s2000

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hey all, so I just picked up my 2nd Honda S2000 last weekend and the previous owner overworked the speakers which now have a buzzing sound when bass kicks in. I went to my local audio shop and he outfitted me with new components and an amp to power them. He said the stock headunit should be...