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  1. Sundown SCV-3000 help

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    ~~~First Post~~~ :) So I have two SA-12s 2 ohm and I was wondering if I could wire them separately to get a 1 ohm load on each speaker(Box has two terminals as well) and if my amp would see it as .5 ohm or 1 ohm if I use both sets of terminals. I'm really asking are the two sets of terminals...
  2. 2 Sundown SA-12s 4ohm what amp

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Okay I got two SA-12s 4ohm, and am thinking that I'm going to run them on a Sundown D1500, at one ohm. I was thinking about just using the D1200, but everything I'm seeing is that they can handle more than the 600rms each. Comments? Other Amp Suggestions? Electrical system beef up necessary...