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  1. DIY Front 3 active

    General Car Audio Discussion
    DIY Front Stage 2007 Saab 93 Convertible :book2::book2::book2: Hi! Amazing forum! Been reading up on car audio on here for the last month and i feel I'm at a point now where i really could need some help/feedback. Please let me know if i posted in wrong forum. Ive attached an overview photo...
  2. The Fading Alt whine...yup "fading: is not a typo, plz help.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    The Fading Alt whine...yup "fading": is not a typo, plz help. Just finished updating an install on a 2003 SAAB95 Turbo. After starting the engine, I ran into the worst alt whine i've ever heard; but get this it stops after 15 minutes. Turn the car off and start it back up again and no alt...
  3. Full-range dash speaker instead of 2-way?

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I'd like some creative suggestions for an install problem with stock locations (wouldn't we all?). It is for a '98 Saab 900 and because it is a Saab it is not exactly normal (just different). The stock speakers are relatively uncommon two-screw 3.5s, and the hole is not large enough for most...
  4. SAAB.... Goes Sonic... SAABsonic

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Build FINALLY got underway this weekend. It's intended to be a low effort :laugh:, high return SQ build. Based on the JBL MS-8...:D Head: JVC KD-AVX77 w/ XM, iPod, and Steering Wheel Control Processor: JBL MS-8 ;) (I still have 2 for sale, $579 shipped CONUS!) Front Stage: Active Hertz...