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  1. Audison LRx 5.1k

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    Audison LRx 5.1k ***********Sold************* Sold
  2. 12v Electronics - 20% off storewide- Hybrid Audio Technologies and more!!!

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    For the Month of April we will be offering a "Spring Cleaning Sale". This sale is avalaible on all items by entering the promotion code "2009-04" (without quotes) in the promotion box at checkout. This will give you 20% off of your purchase. Hybrid Audio Technologies has approved this sale so...
  3. Alpine MRV-F545 f/s

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    Just bought 2 Zapco DC1000.4 to get the processing that I was looking for, so this Alpine can be ready to ship as early as Wednesday. Attached a picture prior to the installation in my truck. This amp is functionally a 10 out of 10. Cosmetically it has some scratches on the aluminum fan...
  4. JL Audio accesories for sale

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    I have several JL Audio Premium Series accessories for sale after my installation was completed. Everything pictured below is for sale and only three items I don't have original boxes for. The remaining items have never been out of their boxes. -(1) XB-BLUAIC2-9 2 Channel Audio Interconnect...
  5. MONSTER SALE: Sundown/RE/Alpine/ID/Hertz/LPG/Kinetik/Batcap/PS3/Laptop

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    I am selling almost my whole stash of audio equipmentand a couple other things. i need to put a down payment on a new car and need the money badly. i am not getting out of the game, i will buy everything later but i need to move on a new vehicle and payoff another. my reference thread is in my...