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  1. Second Skin Facebook Sale

    (Second Skin)
    Hey Everybody! :beerchug: We just reached 10,000 likes on facebook! :beerchug: To celebrate we're having a sale the likes of which we have never had before! Check it out here: https://www.facebook...ondSkinAudioLLC Don't forget to like our page if you like what you see! We appreciate it...
  2. Second Skin Subforum on DIYMA

    (Second Skin)
    Hello to all! Max here, Just wanted to introduce myself and the company, in case you haven't met us before. We are Second Skin Audio, world's highest quality and most effective sound and Thermal insulation! If you ever have any questions, feel free to post them here and Jon, Ken, or I will be...
  3. Pre-Super Bowl Sale!

    Vendor Deals
    We know Super Bowl XLVI is still eighteen days away but thought why not kick things off a bit early... Introducing Second Skin's Pre-Super Bowl Sale! Heading to the game? Or just dreading a long road trip to a buddies house to watch the game? Get some Damplifier and some Luxury Liner to make...
  4. SS Holiday Giveaway! - Second Skin Audio Damplifier Pro Door Pack!

    Vendor Deals
    That's right, to celebrate this holiday season we're giving away a FREE Door Pack of Damplifier Pro here on DIYMA and on Facebook! Official Rules: - Anyone may enter. - Winner pays for shipping to their location! - All rules must be followed that are in this thread. - Winner must provide a...
  5. 12 Days of Christmas Sale! - Second Skin Audio

    Vendor Deals
    We will be unwrapping a new deal every other day leading up to Christmas. The deals start tomorrow, so come back and check them out! Happy Holidays! From, The Second Skin Team
  6. WTB: CLD Deadener, CCF, 1/2M RCA's & carpet

    Car Audio Classifieds
    I am looking for a few different install items for my car. First: Approximately 12ft2 of CLD type deadener that can withstand Florida summers on my roof without falling off. (SSA/SSS/RAAMat/Extreme...) Second: 1/8" or 1/4" Closed Cell Foam (CCF). 50ft2+ Third: I need 1/2 meter (18") RCA's...
  7. Team Second Skin - Looking For Members!

    Vendor Deals
    That is right, Second Skin Audio is looking for four individuals to become part of Team Second Skin and aid us in our quest for world domination! The contest starts today, so please read and understand all of the rules, it'll make your and our lives that much easier. This contest is posted on...
  8. Alpha Damp - My first impressions of this new CLD...

    Member Reviews & Product Comparisons
    ANT was kind enough to send me over some of the new Alpha Damp, so I thought I would let everyone know what I think of the new product. First impressions. Yeah lets just say it's f*cking insane! Anyone who dares to compare this to Peel & Seal needs to be punched in the brain. Specs: Alpha Damp...
  9. FS: 2 sheets of Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro

    Car Audio Classifieds
    1. Product: Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro 2. Specs: Luxury Liner - Acoustic Noise Barrier and Insulation Barrier 3. Description/Condition: Brand new never used 4. Price: : $33 each sheet. Total of two. Buy both for $60. Price does not include shipping. 5. Pictures:
  10. GIVEAWAY! Second Skin Sound Deadener - Damplifier Pro!

    Vendor Deals
    Hey guys! We're going to be giving away one Door Pack of Damplifier Pro to 3 lucky DIYMA users! Rules: - Contestants must have post count of 100 (except for contributing members) - Contestants must have US shipping address - Winner must use the sound deadening within 1 month of contest end...
  11. FS: Second Skin Damplifier Pro (Black) - Wicked Deal

    Car Audio Classifieds
    SOLD! Second Skin Damplifier Pro in black. 19 sheets. New, never used. Need the cash. 19 sheets total. 17 pieces are one full piece. Two of them are nearly a full piece and will be including 2 other small ones so you'll get a total of 19 sheets. Bulk pack comes with 22 sheets so I'm giving out...
  12. 2010 Volvo C30 Dynaudio, HAT, Arc, Stereo Integrity

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Last weekend I started an installation in my 2010 Volvo C30. This build log will serve to document the progress of said installation. I believe this is the first C30 to show up on here. A disclaimer: I like to think that I know what I am doing but in reality, I do not. I have been lurking on...
  13. FS: One gallon of Second Skin Audio's Firewall

    Car Audio Classifieds
    One untouched gallon of Second Skin Audio's Firewall. Water based thermal acoustic insulation/heat coating. An AWESOME product for applying to the underside of your hood. Also helps make your engine bay quieter and overall cooler. Water based, filled with anti-corrosion chemicals to prevent...
  14. Second Skin DIY Bed Liner - We need some feedback - FREE STUFF!!!

    Vendor Deals
    For those of you that are not aware, Second Skin has decided to move forward with our DIY Bed Liner. A single part system that gives the professionally sprayed bed liners systems a good run for their money. So far, things look great! We are about 1 week away from shipping this new amazing...