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  1. Sales Feedback Forum
    Purchased an amplifier from David (ANS) just a bit ago. He had the amp for sale and frankly was my second choice because I found another amp a few dollars cheaper. The first amp got stolen off my porch, so I contacted David, hoping he still had the amp. He did and waited for me to get the...
  2. General Car Audio Discussion
    Has anyone here purchased equipment from "techsoundsystem-shop" from Italy on Ebay? He has a lot of great reviews and the best price I can find on NEW KRX2 components. If he is legit and the product is authentic, can anyone think of any reasons NOT to buy from him? i.e. warranty issues, etc...
  3. Sales Feedback Forum
    I bought a set of Alpine F1 components from Mike. Great speakers at a great price. He returned my PMs and voice mails promptly. Picking up the speakers was a breeze. He was on time and professional.
  4. Sales Feedback Forum
    I sent him money for a new set of Rainbow Germs- they arrived quickly and as described. Good communication on his part also.
1-4 of 4 Results