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  1. dvc and svc in a mono block????

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I have an old Pioneer TS-W302 and a kicker 07CRV122. The kicker is dvc at 2ohms per coil. I connected the two coils in series to make the impedance double to 4 ohms. Then i wired the two speakers to (pioneer is a svc at 4ohms) together parallel to bring them back down to 2ohms. I have them...
  2. Running multiple tweeters on one channel and keeping same independence

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey I have quite the question I have 5 tweeters and a 500watt rms amp @ 4 ohm Bridged So my question is I want to get the MOST power out of the amp and that is always bridged. So I want to hook up these 5 tweeters to this one channel and I have a few questions. 1. Will this effect sound quality...
  3. FS: TRU S45 and S500

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: TRU Steel Series S45 and S500 Condition of all items: Used. Total Price: : S45: $375 shipped or OBO S500: $350 shipped or OBO Shipping Terms: : UPS/FedEx ground to CONUS Reason for Selling: Don't need it anymore as I returned my car from lease and took these...
  4. PPI (Art Series?) on Craigslist (NY)

    Hot Deals ... Don't know much about amps, and don't know what model that is, but it's pretty freaking big. And I think it's Art? 150 for amp + 2 RF 10's.
  5. FS: 2-way speakers featuring TB W4-1337s (Lineup Series)

    Car Audio Classifieds
    The Lineup D4 and D44 have both done really well in DIY events. More info on the builds is here. The D4 includes assembled speakers but the cabinets are not veneered yet. The drivers that were originally installed in the cabinets were sold, so I'll be replacing them with brand new Tang Band...