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  1. Arc audio 4000SE 97V DC?!?!?

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    Hey guys, so i'm doing the finishing touches on my install and it came time to power everything up. When I powered up the sub amp (4000se), the fans went on max as if i were full tilt on the volume. realized the protection led was flickering red/green. I power cycled the amp and the logo started...
  2. FS: Hybrid Audio Technologies L6SE / L1 Pro & Arc Audio SE 4200 / 2300

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    Product Brand & Model: 1) Arc Audio Signature Edition 4200 - 2) Arc Audio Signature Edition 2300 - 3) Hybrid Audio Technologies L1 Pro All Black - 4) Hybrid Audio Technologies L6SE w/ grille - Condition of all items: All items are used but perform near as new! And with gear this nice of...
  3. Near Flawless Arc Audio SE Amplifiers (X4) and Extra Top Covers

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    Product Brand & Model: Arc Audio Signature Edition “Robert Zeff” models. I have two Arc SE4200 and two Arc SE2300. I also have four brushed aluminum Arc Audio SE top covers, two 2300’s and two 4200’s, also used. Condition of all items: One step from flawless; easily a 9 or 9.5 out of 10...