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  1. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I have a skar evl 12 being powered by a skar rp.1200.1d and a boss audio headunit. My subwoofer tends to pop/clip real loud when hitting lower frequencies or rapid beats. I put my sub in my dads truck (he has an evl 12 as well) powered by a fosgate r1200 and it was playing perfect. Nice and loud...
  2. Fabrication, Tools & Tricks of the trade
    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could provide me with detailed measurements of the SKAR RP 150.4AB backplate, so i can build a matching plexiglass piece. Thanks!
  3. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I have 2 skar rp150.4 and they was playing a couple days ago but mid song they both went into protect I unhooked them both and hooked up on the positive negative and remote but they still went into protect as soon as I turned them on I even took them out and let them sit for about 18hrs to try...
  4. General Car Audio Discussion
    I have a Skar Audio RP-2000.1D 2000 watt mono block amp. I have it run to 2 Skar Audio EVL-15 D2 15-inch dual 2-ohm 1250 watt subwoofers. The only way to wire them to this amp is at 2 ohm or 0.5 ohm and the amp it rated at 2000 watts at 1 ohm. At 2 ohm im only getting about 1400 watts so about...
  5. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    i recently got some things off skar website to get my setup in my truck finished. i have a 2003 chevy 1500 with a sony xav1000 head unit, pioneer and rockford fosgates speakers for the doors, i have an extended cab so two speakers up front two speakers in rear doors. the truck has the bose...
  6. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I am having trouble determining if my alternator will able to keep my battery charged if I install a Skar Audio 800.1d AMP, with a 600 watt RMS Skar Audio SDR-12 Sub-woofer. Thanks for your time. OEM alternator Output: 110 Amps Skar AMP Class D 800 watt Monoblock at 1 Ohm : Peak...
  7. eBay
  8. General Car Audio Discussion
    Two Skar VD-12’s they are 2 ohms and 500 watt rms and the amp is a skar rp-1200.1 d I’m lost on how to wire the subs to the amp and what the power output of the amp would be I’m trying to get the two subs wired to 2 ohms all together any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
  9. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hey guys, first time posting- I recently built and installed my first ever system. 4 channel amp powering a pair of front components and rear coaxials and a mono block powering two 12s. I’ve gotten by ok so far using a multimeter to tune my system ( AC Voltage = Sqrt(RMS*Ohms) ) because believe...
  10. General Car Audio Discussion
    I just bought a .9cu sealed box for my Kenwood w3012 as i had it in a 2.3cu ft box my friend previously had and it was a little boomy for me. Since i was looking for more sound quality, i bought a smaller box, and it actually sounds a great deal better. Covers the higher freqs better and much...
1-10 of 10 Results