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  1. WTB old school round Solobaric 2-ohm 12" or 10"

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    Product Brand & Model: Want to buy a working 12" or 10" 2-ohm Kicker Solobaric (round not square) for a vintage project. May accept a similar spec small enclosure sub. Condition of all items: Must be in good overall condition Total Price: : Depends on quality/type. $100-300 Shipping...
  2. Kicker Solobaric 8" S8L7 D2

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    1. Product Brand & Model: Kicker Solobaric 8" S8L7 Dual 2 Ohm 2. Specs: 400W RMS 900W Peak 3. Descriptions/Condition of all items: Very good condition. Powered off of a Alpine 400W mono amp for about a year. One of the better 8" subs out there. 4. Total Price: : $65 shipped. 5...
  3. Kicker S15 L3 Anygood?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Just got one of the new Kicker S15 L3 guy said i was the second one in the city to own it.... havnt thrown it in yet i just built a sealed box for it. Does anyone have any remarks to if this sub is good or not?
  4. FS: Old school Kicker mids

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    This stuff was bought NOS, used only 1 week. These components were the best that kicker ever made. - Kicker R6 mids, - Kicker nd25a tweeters, - Resolution 2way crossovers $300 + shipping for all PIC 1 PIC 2 PIC 3 PIC 4
  5. FS: ESX Q120.4 amp, kicker Solobaric round , Kicker RS6 Resolution speakers

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    FS: Kicker Solobaric round , Kicker RS6 Resolution speakers ESX AMP SOLD This stuff is new, used only 1 week. Bought off ECM here. - Kicker R6 mids, $125 - kicker nd25a tweeters, $100 - resolution 2way crossovers $90 OR $300 + shipping for all...
  6. Round Solobarics, a/d/s speakers, Soundstream, Rockford Fosgate

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    Need to clear this stuff out of the closet. All prices plus actual shipping costs. Paypal verified a/d/s 346is components, 6.5" set, very good shape, will post pictures. Asking $150 a/d/s 346im co-axial, 6.5", good shape...