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  1. MLV materials Purchase and install questions...

    General Car Audio Discussion
    It looks like my auto mech is going to help me (or I will help him) install mass loaded vinyl and closed cell foam. I own a: 2018 Honda Fit Sport (Orange Fury) My system is... System: Stock Head unit -- speaker level out Amp: Pioneer GM-D8704 (4 channel x 100w) -- Under Driver's seat...
  2. Tricks for Sealing Up Door Panel Clip Holes

    Fabrication, Tools & Tricks of the trade
    Dear DIYMA Sound deadening gurus, Recently I have been trying to seal off the the door as well as possible to improve low frequency response. Currently I am trying to come up with a crafty way to seal up the holes used by the clips of a door panel. I don't want to outright cover them with sound...
  3. Overwhelmed--need advice and mentorship; starting to make bad decisions.

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Good morning everyone, I recently got into the car scene and now I am trying to improve my night drives with the sound of music. I mainly listen to jazz and classical, but have other odd genres like hip hop, house, O.S.T, etc. and they are played through my Walkman Z (NW-Z1070-B). So if I can...

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Where I'm at 2009 Altima Coupe Mosconi 6to8 with SPDIF and AMAS attachment 500 watt 4 channel Alpine amp 1200 watt JL GMAX amp Subs: Gladen SQL 12 Extreme (2 ohm) ported box Mids: Focal 6w2 Tweets: Focal TN53k All currently placed in factory locations (doors and dash facing windshield) Doors...
  5. Focal B.A.M. XXL vs. Dynamat Extreme application

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi folks...I have decided to move this build over here, since this seems more audio related than BMW related, and just keep the master link on the bimmerfest forum. So during my first stage on this new audio upgrade (I can't post URL links, but may add later) which was to install some sound...
  6. New Half Roll of MLV Luxury Liner

    (Second Skin)
    Check out the newly added Luxury Liner half roll Mass Loaded Vinyl from Second Skin Audio. Same great quality as our full roll Luxury Liner Mass Loaded Vinyl at 90 sqft and 115 lbs, but now offered in a lighter half roll version of Luxury Liner Mass Loaded Vinyl at 45 sqft and 45 lbs. The full...
  7. Grand Marquis LS Trunk Sound deadening/vibration

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I have a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis LS, and was wanting to reduce or eliminate some or all of the vibrations/sound and was wondering how much I would need to order and of what brand. Thank you in advance!
  8. B-Stock Pro is back - quantities are very limited!

    (Second Skin)
    We heard you were fans of B-Stock Damplifier Pro, so we went ahead and gathered all of the odd-shaped pieces we could find and put them in 40+lbs boxes and put them on our website so you can buy them. If you missed your last chance to get your hands on some seriously discounted, seriously...
  9. Advice wanted: Soundproofing Scion FR-S + audio makeover

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I got my FR-S last weekend and absolutely love this car. The only thing is that the road noise is unbearably loud (I used to think an Impreza was noisy, until I got this car). The stock speakers are also some of the worst I've heard. For someone who's used to B&W speakers and AKG headphones, I...
  10. Soundproofing lower sill panel

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I have a smaller car which has very tinny sounding lower sill panels when you tap them, I get a lot of road noise from my 18inch tyres and suspect after dynamatting the entire floor that the sill panel is largely to blame. I'm going to dynamat the doors next but was wondering if anyone has...
  11. Closed Cell Foam - Super Cheap

    Fabrication, Tools & Tricks of the trade
    So I've been researching materials for my upcoming deadening project, and came across this: Uline packing foam It's CCF, made from polyethylene. From reading here, most people like to work with PVC Rubber foam (gym foam), which is easy to bond to the car and to MLV using vinyl cement. The...
  12. Exact steps to deaden and seal front doors PLEASE!

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey all. I know there is a lot of info about this, but it's scattered. I'm looking for advice complete with pics/videos/extensive written details/links to products/tips'n'tricks, etc... How do I best deaden and seal my front doors? I do have Dynamat in there, but there is still a ton of...
  13. Second Skin New Years Sale - Codes Inside!

    Vendor Deals
    Ring in the new year with some Second Skin! 2012 is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to offer up some deals? Save 10% on any order over $75, use code: NewYear10 Save 15% on any order over $250, use code: NewYear15 Save 20% on any order over $500, use code...
  14. 12 Days of Christmas Sale! - Second Skin Audio

    Vendor Deals
    We will be unwrapping a new deal every other day leading up to Christmas. The deals start tomorrow, so come back and check them out! Happy Holidays! From, The Second Skin Team
  15. Team Second Skin - Looking For Members!

    Vendor Deals
    That is right, Second Skin Audio is looking for four individuals to become part of Team Second Skin and aid us in our quest for world domination! The contest starts today, so please read and understand all of the rules, it'll make your and our lives that much easier. This contest is posted on...
  16. Alpha Damp - My first impressions of this new CLD...

    Member Reviews & Product Comparisons
    ANT was kind enough to send me over some of the new Alpha Damp, so I thought I would let everyone know what I think of the new product. First impressions. Yeah lets just say it's f*cking insane! Anyone who dares to compare this to Peel & Seal needs to be punched in the brain. Specs: Alpha Damp...
  17. MLV Over Existing Jute Soundproofing?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I'm in the process of adding a 1 lb/ft barrier layer to the floorpan of a car. Much of the exisiting thick jute soundproofing on the floorpan has been very wet and I've removed it. I'm replacing it with a closed-cell polyethylene foam underlay. However, the jute on the trans tunnel and the...
  18. Deadener

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I know it has been beaten to death, but searching has too many hits. I want to deaden a Tacoma Double Cab. What and How much do I need? looking for a good cost benefit ratio and trying not to break the bank. I will take your advice and then go from there. Thanks in advance, G
  19. FS: One gallon of Second Skin Audio's Firewall

    Car Audio Classifieds
    One untouched gallon of Second Skin Audio's Firewall. Water based thermal acoustic insulation/heat coating. An AWESOME product for applying to the underside of your hood. Also helps make your engine bay quieter and overall cooler. Water based, filled with anti-corrosion chemicals to prevent...