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  1. General Car Audio Discussion
    Finally getting around to it. How should I seal my doors, and what sound deadening should I get?
  2. PXL_20220303_154347468.jpg

    Driver door after just before reinstalling door card
  3. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Smello! i’ve seen a bunch of install videos on the tube of you from peeps like Caraudiofabrication and Fivestarcarstereo and others that use the good ol’ fast rings. but I’ve also seen these silicon speaker baffles pop up from time to time……...
  4. IMG_4447.jpg

    door vapor barrier marked holes/bolts for use as a template to cut out Ecocork foam sound deadening.
  5. IMG_4455.JPG

    Ecocork. Used as sound deadening on the interior of exterior door skin.
  6. IMG_4459.jpg

    using Vapor barrier as a template
  7. IMG_4460.jpg

    Eco Cork cut out
  8. IMG_4462.jpg

    Glue used to attach Eco Cork to door skins to reduce vibration and reduce outside noise
  9. IMG_4464.JPG

    Eco Cork cut out attached to door to check fitment.
  10. General Car Audio Discussion
    So I've seen quite a few people recently (mainly on FB pages) saying that they can't use a mass loaded barrier layer in their doors because the door panel won't/wouldnt fit back on. I've been having a similar problem and have seen people speak praises on lead sheet instead of MLV because of how...
  11. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Anyone worked on door cards that have multiple depths? See the photo for this 98 Camry, there is a large metal curve at the top of the door, probably to prevent slim-jimming or for safety? There are three depths to this door that make it hard for stiff MLV: metal curve, flat inlay, speaker...
  12. General Car Audio Discussion
    It looks like my auto mech is going to help me (or I will help him) install mass loaded vinyl and closed cell foam. I own a: 2018 Honda Fit Sport (Orange Fury) My system is... System: Stock Head unit -- speaker level out Amp: Pioneer GM-D8704 (4 channel x 100w) -- Under Driver's seat...
  13. Fabrication, Tools & Tricks of the trade
    Dear DIYMA Sound deadening gurus, Recently I have been trying to seal off the the door as well as possible to improve low frequency response. Currently I am trying to come up with a crafty way to seal up the holes used by the clips of a door panel. I don't want to outright cover them with sound...
  14. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Good morning everyone, I recently got into the car scene and now I am trying to improve my night drives with the sound of music. I mainly listen to jazz and classical, but have other odd genres like hip hop, house, O.S.T, etc. and they are played through my Walkman Z (NW-Z1070-B). So if I can...
  15. General Car Audio Discussion
    Where I'm at 2009 Altima Coupe Mosconi 6to8 with SPDIF and AMAS attachment 500 watt 4 channel Alpine amp 1200 watt JL GMAX amp Subs: Gladen SQL 12 Extreme (2 ohm) ported box Mids: Focal 6w2 Tweets: Focal TN53k All currently placed in factory locations (doors and dash facing windshield) Doors...
  16. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi folks...I have decided to move this build over here, since this seems more audio related than BMW related, and just keep the master link on the bimmerfest forum. So during my first stage on this new audio upgrade (I can't post URL links, but may add later) which was to install some sound...
  17. (Second Skin)
    Check out the newly added Luxury Liner half roll Mass Loaded Vinyl from Second Skin Audio. Same great quality as our full roll Luxury Liner Mass Loaded Vinyl at 90 sqft and 115 lbs, but now offered in a lighter half roll version of Luxury Liner Mass Loaded Vinyl at 45 sqft and 45 lbs. The full...
  18. General Car Audio Discussion
    I have a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis LS, and was wanting to reduce or eliminate some or all of the vibrations/sound and was wondering how much I would need to order and of what brand. Thank you in advance!
  19. (Second Skin)
    We heard you were fans of B-Stock Damplifier Pro, so we went ahead and gathered all of the odd-shaped pieces we could find and put them in 40+lbs boxes and put them on our website so you can buy them. If you missed your last chance to get your hands on some seriously discounted, seriously...
1-20 of 31 Results