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  1. Old School Car Audio Discussion
    Found this link: Acoustic Power Lab :: Home describing sound processors from the Acoustic Power Lab. Does anybody have any practical experience with it? According to the manufacturer this device has won different competitions in Europe. Looks promissing, but seems to be lacking some smart...
  2. General Car Audio Discussion
    The bass knob that came with my Soundstream amp doesn't work, and they want $30 to ship me a new one. I figured I would just add a bass processor that had a sub-level dash knob, but reading around seems like I'm better off just adding an in-dash EQ that has sub level w/ crossover? I'm running...
  3. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    i have a a 15" mtx tr75 dual 2 ohm in a ported box tuned to 28 hz with a RF 501bd mono amp and was wondering what i could do to make it sound better. i have a pioneer AVH-P4200DVD and it slams like it is already. ive been wondering if a crossover, sound processor, or eq would help make it a...
1-3 of 3 Results