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sound quality.

  1. Well, I'm new here. So here is my system. Thoughts \\ design of my T&C 2000

    General Car Audio Discussion
    2000 Chrysler Town and Country Full Audio build write up. To get the FULL story, Jump on here.!?highlight=450+score Also, I have my own Website on Google Sites. Have not updated it in a bit, but plan to soon...
  2. Improving Sound Quality in SUV

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    What are some ways to improve sound quality in your mid level equipment? This thread will probably be for people who do car audio for a hobby but aren't looking to spend $400+ on a single part. In my SUV I have 3way 4 door speakers kenwoods powered by an amp and a ported 12 Alpine Type R on...
  3. A&S Installation Hosting PA State Finals September 18 2011

    12 Volt Events & Team DIYMA
    We would like to welcome everyone to MECA PA state finals at A&S Installation 805 E Keats St. Allentown Pa 18109 610-439-6644 Feel free to post a response if you plan to attend.Thank You.