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  1. FS: Audison Voce AV12

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    Product Brand & Model: Audison Voce AV12 Condition of all items: Like New Total Price: $400, will consider reasonable offers: Shipping Terms: Buyer pays actual shipping costs: Pictures: [/url]AV12-1 by moguitarman76, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]AV12-2 by moguitarman76, on Flickr[/IMG]...
  2. 2 10" W3v3 or 1 12" W6v2 ??

    General Car Audio Discussion
    hey i need help deciding on subs, i currently own a 12W6v2 running off a alpine mrp-m500, the sub sounds good and is loud but it just doesnt hit the way id like. My questions are 1. Will 2 10" W3v3 running 300watt rms each, be louder than 1 12" w6v2 at 500 watts?(both setups will be sealed) 2...
  3. I FINALLY get how boxes can change a subs Performance

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey guys, so i bought a 12W6v2 used recently and it came with a ported 12" JL basswedge box, i thought it would sound half decent because it was a JL box.. but was i wrong, it was a one note wonder, and everything else was just sloppy and not as loud, at first i suspected the sub wasn't my...
  4. FS: Fi Q12 Hight QTS - BNIB

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    Product Brand & Model: Fi Q12 12" Subwoofer - 2 Ohm Dual Voice Coils Condition of all items: Item is BNIB 10/10 Total Price: : $250 Shipped (Conus Only) Shipping Terms: : I will pay shipping and ship in original box Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader...
  5. FS: Zapco reference ESB 6000 SQ SUBS

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    Product Brand & Model: ESB Italy 10" series 6000 Subs, model SW-6B.25 also known as Zapco Reference Blue 10s Each sub has a dual 4 ohm coil configuration a few quick specs Fs: 26.24 Hz Xmax 15mm sensitivity 86.8 db 1W/1m Qes .399 Qts .299 pm me if you want a full spec sheet emailed...