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soundstream reference 705

  1. Soundstream 705 the continuum

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    So I recently aquire a soundstream 705 the continuum. Now I have to stress how well maintained and upkept it has been. Plus was recently refurbished by an amazing amp perfectionist. I really don't want to get rid of it but hard times have fallen on us. And i have no choice. Ivery gotten a few...
  2. Soundstream Reference 705 serviced by Wade Stewart

    Finally took the time to list this on feebay! Figured it wouldn't hurt to put this here. Original Soundstream Reference 705 Serviced Signed by Wade Stewart | eBay
  3. Original Soundstream Reference 705 signed by Wade Stewart

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    Product Brand & Model: Original Soundstream Reference 705 Condition of all items: Very good for its age! Total Price: : $475 incl shipping to 48 states US. Payment via PayPal. Shipping Terms: : Shipping included to 48 States US. Most likely UPS. Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded...