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spl competition

  1. MECA 2x Phoenix - 21 April 2013- Spring Blast on Bell

    12 Volt Events & Team DIYMA
    SPL, SQL, Show n Shine, Dueling Demos, MECA Kids
  2. MECA 2x Tucson, AZ- 3 March 2013

    12 Volt Events & Team DIYMA
    Show-N-Shine- Over 17 different Classes Low Rider Car Hop Sound Off- MECA 2x points event SPL Park and Pound SQL SQ2 Install RTA MECA Kids Dueling Demos (Classes from amateur to expert in all divisions) $20 show n shine $25 SPL $20 MECA members $25 SQL $15 MECA members 4156 E 22nd Street...
  3. Auto Sound Challenge in Ohio July 14th!

    12 Volt Events & Team DIYMA
    Do you love your mobile sound system? Gas up your car, van, truck, or RV and head to Springboro, Ohio for the 3rd annual Auto Sound Challenge! This is an unsanctioned event for anyone wishing to show off their sound system in a head to head challenge. Midwest Audio Fest 2012 - The premier...